Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creative Workshop by Community Action

Five University Students from Community Action organized a creative workshop at RSF Dhaka Project School on Thursday 29 march 2012.

Zarifa Zakaria, Taskin Matin, Tasria Rahman Raka, Afsara Abed and Nazmi Natia organized several groups of children.

They were busy making figures out of clay, dolls out of clothes, Pasting color papers and making a story and Drawing.

The best group with creative idea shall be given a prize.

Workshop with Community Action

Community Action organized a workshop on Essence of Shadhinota-2012 at Eskaton Garden office on 26 March 2012 the Independence Day. The theme was to work on a project which will be effective for a person for a long time. Students of different education Institution joined the workshop. 3 Students (Atique, Rita & Zakir) from RSF Dhaka Project School with along a teacher participated in the project.

Emirates Crew Yao Wang & Anna Kutasi Visits RSF Dhaka Project School

From Left Yao Wang (China) and Anna Kutasi (Hungary) all Emirates Airline Cabin Crew visited RSF Dhaka Project School on 28th March 2012. They brought Powder milk, Toiletaries, Stationary items, Rice Packets,etc for the Children. The Crews spent few hours with the children and expressed their satisfaction towards the programs. Thank you for visiting—we are grateful to The Cabin Crews of Emirates Airline.

A Big Thank you to Rob & Leslie of USA

Rob Bursmith & Leslie Clark from USA visited RSF Dhaka Project School and its activities on 27 March 2012. They were very impress to see the underprivileged children studying a standard education.

Rob Bursmith donated 40,000 Taka & Leslie Clark 160 US$. The donation purpose is to support the underprivileged children with writing books and stationary items.

The children of Nursery gave a Big Thank you to Rob and Leslie and Love to both of them.

Thank you for visiting—we are grateful to you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Enterprise Project organized at Dhaka Project

Jane King, a teacher and head of Business, Economics and Enterprise in a private school in the UK organized a project at RSF Dhaka Project School on 28 March 2012. 35 students of Grade 7 & 9 took part forming 5 different groups. They were trained to open a company, make a healthy food product with the local ingredients, fix a selling price, where to sell, how to promote the product. Such projects were recently held in Zambia, Ghana, India and Jordan.

The 4 P’s of marketing Product, Price, Promotion & Place ensures the selling. The 5 companies were 1) Good Food, 2) Seven Stars S P, 3) Shat Tara, 4) Sunrise Ltd & 5) Seven Star Kings.

Seven Star Kings became the champion. Sunrise Ltd Runner up. Seven Star Kings product was Wood Apple Juice. It will be available in Pet bottle at only 12 Taka. The production cost shall be 9 Taka. The company will make 2 types of Wood Apple Juice, Sugar free for diabetes and sugar coated for general people.

Certificates on different category were also given to the teams. All the participants got an Enterprise Certificate singed by Jane King.