Sunday, May 31, 2009


We at The Dhaka Project feel really happy as we got to know about one more wonderful donation.
So much sympathy and love come from Cocoon Nursery Jumeirah and their students !We are impressed! These small students kindly addressed their wonderful gesture to our children, making a huge shoebox donation containing many essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, amenities etc.
It's really a good means to make a difference in a place like Gawair; by helping our kids to follow hygiene procedures not only help them to accomplish a better sense of cleanliness as it is a good way to avoid a number of dangerous diseases.We wish to say a huge thanks to Coocon Nursery and their students for this beautiful gift; special thanks to Isabelle, Melinda, Agathe and Virginia - on behalf of The Dhaka Project children.
And thanks to D'Sousa Family who took care of all for us!
Thank you !!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sponsorship from Singaporean Women's Group
We feel grateful to the Singaporean Women's Group who decided to sponsor two of our kids for one year.
To perform this kind gesture we have been handed 1,200.00 AED through our volunteer Marcelo Taborda, a very important helping hand to our work, come from a group who have helped us at least once before .
Thanks in particular to Natasha Aswani and Aini Yunus. Also great thanks to the Singaporean Women's Group in general for this precious support given to the children under our care !

Birthday donation from Malou.
Also we got a beautiful donation from a very young girl, Malou, who is repeating her gesture of handing her birthday gifts to The Dhaka Project children with the help of her mum Uschi.
We are talking about a girl who recently celebrated her 5th anniversary and has come forward to help us for the second time.She asked her friends to bring some gift in funds at their choice to The Dhaka Project children instead of bringing presents to her,... and she collected 3,445.00 AED, a sum that made us be very happy, and so was she when handing it in Maria's hands.
Our gratitude is immense to this little girl Malou, and we wish to say a tremendous thank you for her kindness, on behalf of ou children!

Donation from Arunas Salon
We've had donations from our great supporters, Arunas, who donated 200.00 AED, and Grace who works for Arunas and made a donation of 100.00 TK. Let's remark that both have once been in Dhaka where they lent an important helping hand with items and training skills to set up this very beautiful beauty salon in the picture.
Huge thanks to both Arunas and Grace !!!

Donation in Dhaka
An anonymous donor was happy to contribute with 30 bars of soap and 72 toothbrushes !
Great ! A very nice help towards the hygiene of our students!
Thanks a lot to this anonymous soul for his/her kindness !!!


As we published a few days back, Shoe Mart has offered a huge cargo of new shoes to The Dhaka Project.
Some of them have already arrived at the field in Gawair.
Manuel D'Sousa is the volunteer from Dubai and old friend of the project who has brought these shoes to Dhaka in a recent flight he has done.
And our students are happy in this picture as saying a direct and huge thanks to Shoe Mart and to Manuel for having made this donation possible and partially available .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The Athletae Christi Group in Dubai, are supporting The Dhaka Project for the second time in a short period of time, with a precious donation in last December as published by that time in this blog and with a big sponsorship this time.
This action has been kindly coordinated by two members of the group, Freddy and Karla Becker, and counted once again with the high commitment of Lorena Serrano. They arranged a meeting with Marcelo Taborda who made a presentation and explained the project's objectives to the Athletae Christi members.And after the presentation they decided to sponsor 15 children for one year, having delivered the amount of 9,000.00 AED for that purpose.
It's delightful to have a sponsorship that will help a numerous group of children from among those who are not sponsored yet and who will begin to benefit of a consistent help.
The team feels grateful for the Athletae Christi Members' kindness and precious help, and wishes to express it on behalf of the kids under the care of The Dhaka Project !!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Such generosity come from Baby Shop to The Dhaka Project got us completely amazed !
They made a donation of 100's of kilos of children new clothes, yet in the boxes, some still having the tags !
Lets hope that a way can be found to get this wonderful cargo to Dhaka as well as the needed green lights on the other side so that they reach their targets and provide the much needed warmth to our children !
Our students showing their gratitude to Baby Shop!
And once again... D'Sousa Family was highly committed in this donation; not only they managed to get the donation from Baby Shop but also they brought it from the other side of town to our mezzanine at Sheikh Zayed Road!
A great thanks to Baby Shop for the immense kindness they put in this fantastic donation on behalf of our children at The Dhaka Project ; what a difference this will hopefully make at the field in Gawair !
Thanks once again to D'Sousa Family! They really do it!!!


Our Registration is done and now it's mandatory the setup of a RFS Dhaka Projects Branch Office in Dubai.
Thanks to the Kindness of Dr. Syed Farham we have already got the space to the office .
Also TDP has kindly been offered the whole furniture including the computers to the new Office in Dubai, by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
This solidarity come from the donors make us very happy. Thanks to them we have been lucky on accomplishing one of the first targets of The Dhaka Project that is using the donated funds towards the children with lowest expenses with administration work.
It's not too much if we shout our huge thanks to the world of donors who have been supporting us on our achievements.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Untirable folks !
It's what turns up in one's mind when we recall the huge support already received from Jebel Ali School in Dubai, from their kind students, teachers and staff, and again they came forward with a donation, a sum of 1,455.00 AED, that will do its impact in The Dhaka Proejct's life.
But yet they don't wish to cross their arms; they are already managing to do a substancial fund raise towards a specific goal in the project!
Thanks from TDP children to Jebel Ali School in Dubai
We feel really encouraged and are much grateful to Jebel Ali School. Thank you on behalf of The Dhaka Project children!
Also our gratitude to volunteer Manuel who collected this donation!

Friday, May 15, 2009


There has been great persistence of supporters along the years who against adversities and side by side with Maria and other dedicated volunteers, have given The Dhaka Project a push from the zero ahead to the top level it once has reached !
Rania Turk is one of these supporters!
Going back through The Dhaka Project's 4 years history her commitment can be found very frequently.
And now Rania has fundraised 500.00 AED towards the renewal of the sponsorship to Rakib. She managed to sell photos to save this pretty sum and keep helping this child.
Also she has got a few beauty products to donate to TDP!
Another example more often referred is Manuel de Sousa, who once again took care of two nice donations - a donation of 1,500.00 AED from an anonymous donor and another donation of 300.00 AED left by an anonymous family in his mailbox.
We present our huge thanks to Rania and these anonymous donors, as well as our appreciation of Manuel's dedication, on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !!!


We are thrilled about this donation and so will be the lucky kids who are going to be given a branded new high quality pair of shoes.
This donation comes to us by the kindness of Shoe Mart , a company implanted in Dubai and in several countries of the Middle East, with a tradition to help the most in need, and contains 261 pairs of shoes that fulfill any teenager's dreams, as it can be seen in the picture in which the "Lucky Stars" are working hard to help organize the suitcases to be sent to Gawair in Dhaka.

The volunteers "Lucky Stars" helping to pack the shoes !
The TDP Team sends a tremendous thank you to Shoe Mart for this beautiful gift on behalf of The Dhaka Project children! Let's hope we will soon see them wearing these new shoes !
Also we wish to say thanks to Roger and Maureen Hall who had got this donation to their charity but having it in excess suggested this donation to be directed to The Dhaka Project.
Finally our gratitude to D'Sousa Family (including their Lucky Stars) for getting part of this donation from Shoe Mart to our storage room and for taking care of and packing the other part !!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


As mentioned countless times in this blog, Solange Barros is a persistent working volunteer, and one can't find words that describe how enthusiastic she is without expecting any reward.
But it's not only those who closely observe her that notice it.
A long well wisher of The Dhaka Project decided to sponsor her with an unimagined reward she has never been seeking.
This sponsor, who wishes to remain anonymous, offered her a very precious and useful tool that not only will permit her talk with the store customers or other volunteers but also with all people around in Dubai; a Berlitz English Course !
We feel willing to express a big thank you to this anonymous donor who was aware about this handicap of Solange !!!


In this special day of your life, 14th May, The Dhaka Project Team takes the opportunity to wish you a very, very happy anniversary!

Flora, the children have delightfully posed to these pictures in which they put their tenderness towards you and join their lively presence to cheering up your party trying to make this a better day to you.

Also performed in a video dedicated to you as an extra pampering, lending their joy to your day in a different manner.
Finally we would like to say a warm thank you, Tareq and Flora, for the recent donation of 2,000.00 AED you have handed towards our kids, on behalf of them all and on behalf of what we believe to be achievable.
Thank you Tareq and Flora !!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Dhaka Project have felt a lovely touch come from Rotana Towers Dubai; a precious donation of 740,24 EUR, kindly transferred to our account as reported by Ninson Abraham after an initial contact come from Chris Anderson.
We feel lucky for Rotana Towers' choice on The Dhaka Project as the target of their wonderful donation, that will do wonders to our children's life.
With deep gratitude to Rotana Towers Dubai, Ninson Abraham and Chris Anderson, we address huge thanks on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !

Monday, May 11, 2009


Thanks to all donors who have dropped loads of used items in our mezzanine store.
A few of these donors who we address our deep gratitude are Charlotte Carr, Emma Louise, Donald, Lola Lopez, De Sousa Family and Suzie Simonian who donated all sorts of very useful clothes.
These donations demand tidiness and organization to get everything ready so the sales can be done, or the packs can be delivered to volunteer pilots or crew who are flying to Dhaka. .
The last Garage sales had the following results:
  • 17-04-09 840.00 AED done by Nurul and Solange.
  • 24-04-09 1,140.00 AED done Nurul and Solange.
  • 01-05-09 1,047.00 AED done Nurul and Solange.
  • 02-05-09 420,00 AED done by Solange - extra sale on customers' request.
  • 08-05-09 1,240.00 AED done by Nurul and Solange.
Two Brazilian Emirates pilots, Kalina Comenho and someone who wishes to stay anonymous, took a load of items to Dhaka; both visited the project and Kalina felt touched, and got moved to keep helping.
Solange Barros selected the items and delivered them at pilots' houses at her own expenses as usual... these packs had essential items as soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, pencils, erasers, children and baby clothes, etc.
Solange Barros has been our working star, in tidying the store each time a load is drop there by donors. Solange's stamina and dedication is incredible! How can a human being be commited in a variety of roles in so many fronts !? Tidying the store, doing Garage Sales, selecting items and packing them, tagging the packs, taking them to the pilots, spending family income and her time, all in the name of a wellness provided to the children in which she truly believes.
Nurul Islam is another example of continuous cooperation along these months after he started working with Emirates in Dubai, having attended all Friday Garage Sales and some Saturday events.
A great thanks to the volunteer pilots, Anonymous and Kalina Comenho, for having taken those precious gifts to ease the kids' life at the field in Gawair!!!
Also The Dhaka Project is continuously grateful to all donors of items, to the store keeper Solange Barros and to Bangladeshi volunteer Nurul Islam for the persistence and determination they lend to the cause of the poor slums' children now under our care.
Thank you !

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just a quick entry to express our gratitude to the following ''Facebookers'' who lent their Facebook status to do awareness about the needs of The Dhaka Project:
Silvia Loução, Greg Stainer, Charlotte Carr, Tazeen Islam, Faiza Islam, Delphine Watson and Sofia Matos Chaves.
A million thanks to all !!!


We are luckily counting with the wonderful help provided by the power of Radio 1 in Dubai thanks to Greg Stainer who has included a terrific ad appealling for help from Dubai people to The Dhaka Project.
You will be able to listen to this record HERE

Or you can click on the Radio 1 picture on the right if you wish to listen to Radio 1 on-line.

This impressing record will surely be of great awareness about our work and we would like to send huge thanks to Greg Stainer and Radio 1 on behalf of our kids who will benefit from their broadcast dedicated to The Dhaka Project.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Nearly 4 years after the first breath that originated The Dhaka Project when Maria Conceicao visited Dhaka in April 2005 for the first time and had a look around during a layover, it got officialy registered in Dubai.
The Official Registration document can be viewed here!
Many have been the steps and the efforts done to achieve this registration.
Many have been the worries suffered by a few volunteers towards this goal...
...Dr. Syed Faran has been fully involved in this proccess, having been giving a lot of him along these years, donating his time, donating his skills as a lawyer, donating expenses to meet and talk with Maria; a precious and unvaluable donation !
...Naim Zaidi and Dr. Sabrina Zaidi who had a few meetings with Dr. Syed Farhan to push the proccess forward.
We would like to address huge thanks to Dr. Syed Fahran, Naim Zaidi and Dr. Sabrina Zaidi on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The Dhaka Project has recently been hit by the kindness of Michel Claes with a beautiful round number of dollars donated, 1,000.00 USD , transferred to our bank account !
This donation is highly motivating to us as it makes the project stronger, much especially when the difficulties have turned up everywhere.
So we wish to express our gratitude with a big thank you to Michel Claes for this donation on behalf of our kids, that will help make the difference in their future life.

Thank you !