Friday, August 21, 2009


The Dhaka Project School started its new academic session (2009-10) from 1st August 2009. Among 450 registered students of the previous session from Std-I to Std-VI, 412 students attended the Final Exam; 310 students are promoted to new classes. In every session students are evaluated through four quarter exam, along with a half yearly and the final exam.All 47 students from Nursery & Play-Group section have been promoted to new classes; they are evaluated through the competence & performance in executing different skills i.e. practical skills, reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills, social interaction skills etc. Among 17 registered Day-Care children, 5 have been promoted to next class after close observation by our skilled instructors and Principal of the school. Total 479 students are studying in this session.
From this Session, The Dhaka Project School is going to follow the English version of National Curriculum (NCTB) for STD-I to STD-VII; earlier the school followed EDEXCEL module.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Students promoted to new classes are excited with their new uniform and bag. It was a moment of immense delight for them as well when new books were provided by The Dhaka Project for new academic session (2009-10) through out the 1st week of August 09.This time studentS will experience a new curriculum. The school is going to follow the English version of National Curriculum (NCTB) for STD-I to STD-VII; beforehand the school followed EDEXCEL module.Along with the all kinds of Board books students will be guided through other supplementary books i.e. different grammar books, dictionary with illustrations, Fundamental English Series etc.Nevertheless, little kids from Play-Group to KG-II also got their books; these books are designed according to their age. All books were distributed by the respective class teachers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Besides the new uniform, all students of The Dhaka Project School also got new school bag at the very first day of new academic session (2009-10) on 1st August ’09. For the first time official logo of RSF-The Dhaka Project is tagged on the bag. The event was executed by our always animated volunteer, Brendan, Mr. Shimul, Senior Operation Officer & Mr. Jewel, Volunteer Officer.Students were extremely excited with their new found gift!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School Uniform Distribution

Unified dream, unified ideology can rebuild the broken belief of a community. We learn together and we dream together - this unsaid message glowed on their face when the students of The Dhaka Project School were receiving new uniform for the new academic session 2009-10 on 4th & 5th August at school.We believe that, each of our little contribution for the society can give it a new phase. The Dhaka Project received an extraordinary endowment from a generous lady who is one of those very few people who wants to remain at back-stage denying reveal her name! She donated clothes from her own textile. The Dhaka Project is appreciating her generosity with immense gratitude. She purchased the clothes and used her textile to sew the uniforms. This involvement saved a lot of money & time as well.A total number of 464 students studying in Day-Care, Play-Group, Nursery, KG-I, KG-II up to STD-VII received the uniforms. Each student got 2 set of uniforms. The uniform remains same in design but comprises new logo on it. The uniform includes socks also; 270 pair of socks was donated by from Dubai and 200 pair were bought from the local market.This two day’s of distribution session were conducted by Mr. Polash Roy, Vice-principal of the school, Mr. Shimul, Senior Operation officer of TDP and Ms. Shaila Sharmin, School Administrator. Our enthusiastic volunteers Bredan Heery and Ferre along with the class teachers also helped a lot to operate the program.Students were very happy with their new dress. We thank all responsible personnel for their contribution to complete the event successfully.