Sunday, November 30, 2008

3rd Food Distribution @ The Dhaka Project

One can see the happiness in their face. Every one is equal. The parents who were upset for the last one year that their kids didn’t get proper lunch are now bursting with happiness to get 3 meals a day. The new procedure affected the attendance significantly as it increased by more than 10% from previous months. It looks like a festival when they come to collect the food, mostly the parents are present but we hand the food to the kids.

Now the teachers are closer to the students as they have to keep an eye on their daily attendance more precisely. As stated in early articles of Food Distribution that food will be deducted from the individual allocation based on the attendance. In comparison to the average number of children attending the school for the last 5 months, we got the maximum attendance this week.

Thanks to our Maria Conceicao, our Founder, who have suggested this New Food Plan. A mother knows the best for her children.



Blankets distributed @ The Dhaka Project

“Diamonds are lying all over the playground.” a student answered when he was asked “What can you see on the ground?””. The teacher was surprised to listen to the imagination power of the students. The dews of early morning were glowing like diamonds as the soft rays of the sun started to come out. Yes its winter in Bangladesh. Pretty hot after 10.00 am but the condition is very different at night when it’s very cold till 7.00 am in the morning.

A big thanks to Emirates Airlines Foundation for donating blankets which The Dhaka Project Team distributed twice in the last two winters and are still left with many. The kids are really happy to get these blankets, which are big enough to cover 2 people; parents were relieved as they won’t have to spend anything for seasonal clothes. Hope that these blankets will give them a good sleep every night before sitting for the Half Yearly Examination next morning.

Half Yearly Exam @ The Dhaka Project

The first Half Yearly Examination of the schools under The Dhaka Project started today, 29th November 08. The candidates were students of Class 1 to Class 6. For the Kindergarten students marking are done on daily interaction with the teachers by which the teachers make a note of their understanding capability.

The kids were excited to attend the exam as they came earlier then their usual timing. First they were given breakfast, bread and Banana, then at 10.00 am the examination started. As this was the first time that they were sitting for a 2 hours exam the teachers initially took 15 minutes to make the students understand the question paper. A few students got scared but gained the flow of writing by seeing other students answering with speed. As far as English exam the kids learned the basic English which includes Grammar, Vocabulary, solving Comprehensions and sentence structure.

The teachers were surprised to see the kids finishing the exam within the first hour. The Authority have already talked with the Principles not to allow the kids to leave the class until 12.00pm and ask the kids to revise as much as possible for the next exam. The kids will leave the building at 12.30 and will again come at 2.00 pm to revise for the next day’s exam.

We hope that the attendance will be consistent during the exam so that we get to know the performance of the kids. And the suggestion from a member of the Admin team which was to organize a “One to One Parents Teachers Meeting”, really increased the faith in the parents about our project’s education quality.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Lucas and Devin, 15 years old young Dubai residents in year 11 of Dubai College who are working towards community service for Duke of Edinburgh Silver award, helped reorganise the storage area of The Dhaka Project in Dubai. Their help allowed for the smooth running of the weekend Garage Sales which is a significant revenue stream for the project. Both Lucas and Devin have also offered their help to do the same every Thursday!
They will also be collecting donations for the Project. Its amazing to watch these young active boys from Dubai make an impact on the lives of the children of Dhaka.
Our gratitude to our young volunteers who are enrich our team spirit, on behalf of the children under the care of The Dhaka Project.

Friday, November 28, 2008


From Dhaka Team in the field.
A Trip To Dubai.
1st Day: 4rd Nov.2008
After long flight we arrived at 12:03 at Dubai Airport. It is a big airport. We were so surprise to see Founder of the Dhaka project was waiting for pick up us at outside. We also surprised because with her our two favorite volunteers Florence, Solange were waiting for us. It was a warmful welcome for us we was so surprised. Then we went to Solange house. Mrs. Solange gives us free accommodation, food in her house. At 2:00 in the morning we went for nap. That day we wake up early in the morning, we was so tired that’s why we had a little late to go a school for presentation. At 7: 00 am we went to GEM school for our presentation. Even we don't know there is more than 600 students were waiting for giving us welcome.First Mr. John introduced us with all the audience in the auditorium. Then children sang a Bangla song. Introduced themselves , told their life in Dhaka. I introduced The Dhaka Project to others, then Maria gave a short speech about the Dhaka Project. All the kids and staffs of Gem School gave us claps for our noble work. Mr. John the headteacher arranged some little gift for our kids. Kids were so happy for getting the present. Mr. John and all the teachers will try to help for fundraising, or any kind of donations.Then children went to each and every classroom, introduced with other children, made friendship with them that was a nice day for our kids (Mosharaf, Sujon, Sabina, Anonnya).
After that we went to Emirates Headquarter. There we met with Nurul Islam who was in the slums of Dhaka now he is working at Emirates. The Dhaka Project got a job for him there. He was so surprised to see us. He is so happy with his job. Then we met with Mr. Jimmy Kotwal who is helping a lot for our monthly expenses money 45000 AED from Emirates Airline Foundation. He is smiling, well-behaved, cool man, Maria introduced us to him, We thanked him for helping us. There we met other two emirates staff who are helping us also.
Then we had a little snack at Emirates café. There we met with Dr. Normy. One of our big supporters. He was so happy to see us. Dr. Normy introduced us to his Emirates Airline clinic staff. Then Dr. Normy Gave us free tickets to go in Ski Dubai.Then we went to Maria’s house to take some clothes because we needed some Shorts and T- shirts for the Beach; in the afternoon we had scheduled to go in Jumeirah beach we went straight to Chilis Restaurant near Jumeirah Beach. There Captain Mr. Manuel, Sharon, Lucky Stars, Tony French, Alex, Tanvir, Journalists of Khaleej Times were waiting for us to have there lunch with us. Then the journalists of Khaleej times interviewed us. Tony French gave us tickets for Wild Wadi and 100 dirhams for each kids. We had to wait for Nurul Islam because he supposed to join us there. At last he came. then another Volunteer Mike took us to Jumeirah Beach, another volunteer Jane Kammage waited to take us to dinner and Ski Dubai till we finished our shower at beach. Kids enjoyed the beach because they never had been to a sea beach before they told “ Sir, We are so lucky for here because we have never been to any beach in Bangladesh.After shower Jane Gammage took us to Emirates Mall, there her daughter Kimberly and her son Mattew were waiting for us. Kim was so happy to see kids. She was waiting from first day to meet with us. First they took us for Ski, there we had so much fun. In Bonn we missed snow but here in Dubai we got Ice, snow, ski things look interesting me. Then there we met with Mr. Bon, and then we all together went for dinner. It was an Indian restaurant. We liked the food, we missed that food for a long time, after that we had Ice cream still I miss that. After saying goodbye to Kim, Bonn, Mrs. Jane gave us a lift to Solange house. Before nap every night we had to take shower because it was too hot in Dubai.

Day 2: 5th November:
We had a busy day on that day. We had our breakfast to Solange house then we went to Al Fada school. There we got a warmful welcome by 700 students of that school. They all were waiting for us in their auditorium to listen to our kid’s speech. We did a presentation same like others. They were so happy to hear the
speech from children. They thanked Maria for giving this opportunity to the kids of slum and making these difference. They also thanked to all staff and teachers and me for teaching nicely and looking after them.
Then the head teacher gave some presents to our kids. At 10:30am we went to Clarins office; there we met with our big supporter Rania Turk who is helping us a lot. Smiling she welcomed us then arranged some snacks for us and gave gift boxes to the children and also gave us tickets to Dubai Atlantis.
At 12 PM we went to Dubai British School. Our volunteer Kimberly showed us around the schools and each classroom and introduced us to every teacher, her classmates and also with other students.
Kimberly is one of heart giving supporter of TDP. Before our arrival there she and her classmates did some presentation and activities for our fund raise and the donated money they handed to Maria. We had a great time with Kim and the Students of Dubai British School.Then Florence came at 2:30 PM and picked us up for the Safari. It was an amazing afternoon for us. She took us for a long drive from city to desert where we had seen a nice sight of this Arabian country. In the Safari we rode on camels which was a different experience for me and the children. We never thought that we had a chance to ride on camel.
There we have seen falcons. Children were so curious to touch the falcons. There was a man who showed us how they hunt falcon, how they attached satellite signal machine, what is their food which is so interesting. After that we went to a show called “Jumana” with Florence and Atif . Before that we had our dinner we were special guests there, so it was a very special care for us. Florence friends Shumach and Gerhard arranged everything for us. The show was about a Arabic story with nice laser special effects and acrobatic dance and ended with drama there were fireworks which was designed by former Olympic firework designer which was fantastic and unbelievable.

Day 3: November 6th
6:30 we went to Jabel Ali school. We arrived a little late. There one of heart giving volunteers and our big supporter from beginning Sharon de Souza received us. We joined their assembly. The students of Jebel Ali School welcomed us with some activates. Maria, me and 4 of our children said thanks to all teachers and students because they did a lot of fundraise for us every year and also they donate lots of stationary items like pens, panicles, books, copies, toys, cloths every year for our children.We gave a special thanks to Lucky Stars (Sharon’s two little girls and one boy) who are working so hard for our fundraising from the beginning of the project.
Then Maria took us to Wild Wadi ( it is a water theme park in Dubai). We were happily entered in the park but we felt so shy to see the other visitors dressed so small. There we had lots of funny water ride. For few hours I lost my children because they were so excited, they rode one by one even I could not follow all of them. I was running to look for them sudden a time I got them and took them for lunch.
At 3 PM Solange came and took us to Maria then we all together went to 7days office, there we met with 7days editor Mr. Ali, and journalist Mr. Paul McLennan, there we had a Interview with them. After that Maria and Solange took us to Ski Dubai.
Marcelo was waiting for us. There we had another interview with Mr. Adrian Murphy, news reporter of Emirates Business 24/7, We had a great time in Dubai Ski. Children were lost in fun. After that we met with Capt. Mr. Marcelo’s Father. Also we met with Florence, Jodi and her friend Khuki; they were waiting to go for dinner with us. Then two of our volunteers Anas and Mirium arrived. I was just surprised to see all of them because they did a great voluntary work at the project. Specially I was so surprised to see Miriam and Anas.
We all together had a big dinner sponsored by Anas after that dinner Miriam gave some gift to me and children, Anas gave me a T- shirt of Adidas which I like very much because my favorite is Adidas. Then Khuki and Jodi took us for Ice cream, it was so delicious.

Day 4: 7th November
It was a relaxable day in Solange house for us because it was Friday holiday. At 10 AM we went to Dubai Mall with Solange, there was a big line at the entrance and we had to wait a long for the entrance.One of the Volunteers Mr. John, who gave us 1,500 AED for over staying and the ticket of new Aquarium where we saw lots of sea fish which was out of our imagination because we never thought that we could see sharks and other sea animals.After that Solange took us back to her house. Solange arranged a special lunch for us, she was always missing us because every day we had school presentations or invitations by other volunteers that is why she wanted to keep us with her family for few moments.I have followed a true love for the children in her eyes. We had a great time with Solange son, husband and with her. At 5 PM Florence came to pick up us to Dubai Marina, after that she took us to her friend Margaret’s apartment where we watched a movie then had dinner at an Indian restaurant. We had a beautiful evening with Florence and Margaret at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Day 5: 8th November
That was our last day in Dubai. So, we felt that we were missing our overseas life. We packed everything, Maria arranged all the baggage of donations which we were being taken with us to Dhaka and also she gave some instructions on what we could carry with us and what we couldn’t in the flight.After that we went to Palm Jumeirah, the place we liked most. It is an artificial island, in middle of the island there is Atlantis Hotel. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in Dubai. Inside of that restaurant there is an Aquarium full of sea fish, after that Solange took us the most gorgeous and expensive restaurant in Atlantis. Lunch cost was 1000 AED but she didn't care, she was always saying she was happy and glad for got and met with us.At 11 PM Maria and Solange took us to the airport for our departure. It was a shocking moment for Maria and Solange. All way to our depurture I followed Maria and Solange sad face for losing us. Maria gave me the direction of Immigration and what to do, always giving instruction how I could go back safely with the kids and baggage at Dhaka Airport and always said “if there is any problem just call me I will stand here till you cross immigration”. Then the last moment they (Maria, Solange) was hugging the kids and crying it looked to me as we were leaving a family. Maria always telling me “Jewel look after my kids. Look after my kids”. I felt so sad to see tear in her eyes. They were waiting till we crossed our immigration. Always looked sad on her face were we ok or not?
Next day at 8:55 our flight landed at Dhaka Airport. We all were so curies to see our family though it took long time for our baggage; customs tried to make some trouble but I made them understand about the donation for charity inside the luggage. At least we came out with all of our luggage safely. Even we didn’t know, Mr. Azad, Munna and Shimul and kids parents were waiting for us for pick up. We felt so happy and free to get back in our family and the country.
I had a great experience in my life with this trip. I learned lot of things like different nations, countries, cultures, nature. I feel so proud to be with the children and have this chance. I felt those couple of days in children's eyes curios to know, to learn, to discover the world. This is the thing we need to build up in each of every kids' mind so they will not lose their talent they will be alive day to day.
I would like to thank again all the volunteers in Dubai who were giving us company and sponsoring us to see lots of places and monuments and gave us gifts and donations.
Uncountable Thanks to Maria Conceicao the founder of The Dhaka Porject, Florence Calvet, Solange and her husband Manuel, Sharon de Souza, Manuel de Souza, Rania Turk, Dr. Normy Ahmed, Mr. Jimmy Kotowal, Marcelo Taborda, Jane Gammage, Kimberly Gammage, Tony French, Alex, Tanvir Shah, Emirates Airline Foundation, Gems School, Dubai British School, Al Fada School, Jabel Ali School, Jumana show team. Miriam, Anas, Jodi, Khuki. Mr. John and all other volunteers who are supporting us a lot !

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Marcelo Taborda got two tickets to watch a Rugby Tournament in Dubai for the 28th plus two for the 29th . He got them in a promotion and decided to donate the correspondent amount to The Dhaka Project, fixing the price at face value; 300 Dirhams each pair !
It's certainly minding about Sujon and the other 500 + children at the project that Marcelo made this option .
And we applaud his decision with an expressive thank you to Marcelo on behalf of our kids at TDP.


Raahi is a high sponsor of The Dhaka Project who is giving his support behind the scenes to so many children...
And in a recent past he made a huge donation to the project; a donation of 30,000.00 Dirhams, adding 30,000.00 in November and yet more 30,000.00 in December, to help the monthly running costs, that will be of huge impact on the project's life.
And for sure, our children wish at least once to show their gratitude to Raahi for this tremendous donation presenting him with the picture below.Thanks a lot to Raahi for this donation on behalf of the children under the care of The Dhaka Project !!!


In his recent and still running fundraising action by selling loss proof ID Cards, Captain Guy Brownlee approached a colleague, Captain Barry Otto, who refused immediately to cooperate...
But when Barry got to know that a portion of the profit would go to The Dhaka Project, and that a kilogram of rice costs 2 AED in Dhaka and yet that Maria had already been informed about this inittiative, his heart melted down, and he became super active towards this goal, and made an unexpected and immediate donation... 500 Dirhams towards the next rice purchase.
Moreover, Barry has been acting a as postman in rescue of Guy putting the cards in boxes and other kind of help... he showed the huge humanitarian spirit inside him !
So Barry is an encouragement source not only for Guy but also for all of us who are in this track.
Not forgetting all who have already got involved in this inittiative, specially Guy Brownlee, we wish to express a tremendous thank you to Captain Barry Otto for his so evident humanitarian side, on behalf of The Dhaka Project kids.


From Dhaka Team in the field.
onya Akter - Grade: STD-3 ID: 424
Last month I went to Germany. This was the first time I went abroad. It was a great chance for me to go to Germany. I went there with my three friends and one of our teachers. In the fixed day we arrived at the airport. After finishing immigration work we entered into the plane. It was my first plane journey. I was so excited about the journey. My heart started to beat fast when a nice airhostess said that the plane was going to fly. But I was so surprised when I found that the plane was flying in the sky. We landed in Dubai. Then we changed the plane.
At 12.00 AM Mr.Berthold received us at the airport. And then we went to Bianca's house. It is situated in Bonn. The house was decorated with many colors. There were so many flowers around the house. We visited some of the schools. We talked about The Dhaka Project and the life of Dhaka. Then we visited the forest . In the forest we saw beautiful trees, pigs and deer.
On the next day we went to Koln. There we saw a big church, chocolate museum and the next day we went to Phantasy Land. There we had a lot of fun. We went Rine River. Then we left Germany and went to Dubai.
In Dubai there were so many programmes for us. We visited Dubai School. We talked about our school, what we do in Bangladesh. We visited the highest building of the world, Jumana Show, and in a desert. Then we went to a beach and we made a lot of fun there. We went to water Phantasy Land, Dubai Mall, Dubai Ski. It was a very enjoyable time that I will never forget. I think it was a great chance for me.

Mossarraf - Grade: Std-5 Roll: 465
Our flight was on the 24th October in the morning. And it was very exciting because it was my visit abroad by plane. And we flew from Bangladesh to Dubai over the India and the Arab Sea. And then we flew from Dubai to Germany. The flight was very comfortable and the cabin crews were very good with us. We dropped Dusseldorf at 9.30 PM in Germany time. And that night we went to Bianca's house who invited us. And she kept our girls' in her house. We the boys' were at Berthold's house. We slept in Berthold's house very well. We woke up at 6.00 o'clock in the morning and we took our breakfast. We went for a walk in the forest. We saw different kinds of trees and fruit. That day we went to the office also and met all the staff of HELP. They were very nice. After that day we went to a park and saw there wild pigs, deer, and some other animals.
On the 27th October we had a presentation. We did it very well. After that we went to enjoy Jantaetie drama with our teacher. We learnt some creative things from there. We came back to the hostel. Then we went to the biggest mountain of Bonn. It was 278 meters high. We made a picnic there. We walked a lot.
On the 29th October, it was a very cold day. We went to the office very early. We met with a girl named Agatha. We walked around the city with her. It was a funny day with her. We went to the green house, biggest church in Bonn, River Rine and a very costly market. And we bought some general materials from there. We rode on the ship.
On the 30th October we went to DW radio for an interview. We did very well. That day we took our lunch from their restaurant by three tickets. And at night there was a Halloween Party in Germany. We went every house and we collected chocolate. We had a Bangla dinner at Bianca's house.
In the 2nd of November, 2008 we went to Koln to see the biggest church of the Germany and to the chocolate theater. We saw the chocolate is made and we eat a lot of chocolate there.
On the 3 rd November we went to the Phantasy Land. That was the most exciting day in Germany. We rode on the bog big roller coaster and mister castle. I liked the mister castle . It is a high tower like 30 stored building. They took us in high of the tower and jell down. There is a jelling.
And 4th of November we went to Dubai and we spent 5 days there. We met with Maria and other volunteers. We went to the beach, Dubai Ski, Snow Park. We lived in one of our volunteer's houses. We went to the four schools, Dubai British School, Dubai Gem School, Jebel Ali Primary School and Al Daipli High School. We had presentation there. We got some gifts from there. Also we met with Mr. Nurul Islam. We visited lots of places with him. I like Germany most because it is a little bit cold. And it is totally silence and the people are very friendly.
I like Dubai also. It is busy city. There are different countries of people live there. Most of the people were from India, and Pakistan and some of other countries. And they are making the highest tower in the world.

Sujon Ishaq - Grade: Std-5 Roll: 23
I am Sujon Ishaq. I went to Germany with my three friends and one of our teachers. It was a great chance for me and it was my first journey by plane. When I heard that the plane was going to fly, I felt it so exciting. Then the plane flew to the sky and landed in Dubai for changing the plane. After changing the plane we landed in Germany. Then Mr. Berthold came to receive us. And he took us at Bianca's house. Then me, my mate Mossarraf and my teacher Mr. Jewel were at Berthold's house. My mates Sabina and Annonya were at Bianca's house.
Then we went to Germany for program. We did a lot of things like we told about The Dhaka Project, the life in Dhaka, a story about a river, a Bangla song etc. We made another three programes like this. The middle of the days of the three programes, we went to the Park Zoo, and the biggest Church of Germany, the highest Mountain of Bonn, the Chocolate Museum, the river, and Phantasy land. So Germany is a outstanding country. I like it very much and I want to go Germany again.

Dubai Trip
After leaving Germany we went to Dubai. We landed in Dubai at night. Maria, Florence and Solange came to receive us . Solange took us to her house. Maria was happy to see us and said to us, "My child comes in Dubai. I can not believe my eyes". In the morning we went to Dubai Gem Primary School for a program. Here we performed three more programmes. We visited the highest Building of the world, the biggest and expensive hotel of the world, the beach, Dubai mall, Emirates mall, and the Pam hotel. We visited desert for riding on camel and for Jumana Show. It was a nice show for me. We went to Dubai Ski and Wild Wadi. It was my first trip abroad. We made a lot of fun there.
Now I would like to thank all the donors, volunteers and specially Maria. Because she did a lot for us, Thank you every one.


From Dhaka Team in the field.
21st November, was a great day for The Dhaka Project "Sewing Center", The Dhaka Project Sewing center joined the PTA fair at International School Of Dhaka. Our product line consisted of accessory items, Kamij, Fotua, typical Bangladeshi dresses made by the Sewing Center employees and trainees and donated items from Crossline. Special Thanks to Marlene, Rebecca and Caroline, who gave us the platform in the fair. Thanks to Ratna, The Dhaka Project Sewing Instructor, who gave away her weekly holiday for the fair. Thanks to Mr. Shimul for communicating with ISD.The sale amount was Tk 6840 within eight hours. In addition we got invitations for other Christmas Fairs where we will be going during the month of December to exhibit our products.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In last month, October 2008, we have received a few donations along with some more received in November:
  • Thanks to Wanda who donated 3,700 Dirhams.
  • Thanks to the Anonymous donor who left 1,300 Dirhams in Maria's mailbox.
  • Thanks to "The Pilot" who raised valuable funds from a Cookbook Collection - he has donated the allowances left over from the hotels - a large amount
  • Thanks to John who donated 1,500 Dirhams to pay for the entrance tickets to Dubai Aquarium and for meals for our four "Germans" and Jewel. John also offered 125 USD to pay for the change in flying dates from Dubai to Dhaka, which was not required, and has gone towards the general fund.
  • And thanks to our sponsor marathoner Tanvir Shah for his 1000 Dirhams; from which, 700 Dirhams to sponsor a child and 300 towards the project.
All help is precious and counts a lot towards making a difference.
With your help, in November again, we have managed to convert the impossible to possible.


From Dhaka Team in the field.
Mr Mohammad Alkhaja
, The Vice President of Emirates Foudation, Mr Keith Longstaff and Mr. Hanif Zakaria, Area Manager, Bangladesh visited The Dhaka Project on 23rd November.The Project Director, Korvi Rakshand , took them to a tour around the whole project. Due to shortage of time they could not visit all the sections of the project. After looking into the Main Office and TDP School of the project they didn't waste anytime to move towards the Emirates Foundation College.
Mr. Alkhaja talked with the Principals about the student's performance and ability to grab the Cambridge Curriculum. He was surprised to see the fluency in English of the students.
In addition to that Mr Hanif took the honor to introduce Mosharof to the rest of the visitors mentioning about their trip to Germany to attend the International Student's Festival. After taking photos with kids of different classes they moved to the Day Care and Nursery.
The Project Director explained the daily routine of the kids, activities and how we approach these young kids to give them basic knowledge of phonetics.
The tour ended in the Sewing Center, where the parents of our kids work and get trained. Mr Alkhaja talked with Korvi about the future prospects of the section.
Mr. Al Khaja was so impressed that he mentioned about increasing the amount of the donation for these underprivileged children and to Make A Difference in their lives.


New food distribuition plan from Dhaka Team in the field:
Purchase :

  • After surveying the Gawair Bazar and Tongi Bazar the estimation is made.
  • Market will be surveyed on weekly basis before every purchase.
  • Purchase will be done twice a month so that change in food price doesn’t affect the bill significantly.
  • The shopkeeper will deliver the food to the project demolishing the risk factor of carrying the food to the project.


  • Packaging will be done in the office.
  • School proctor will be supervising the employees directly and will be in charge while the packing goes on.
  • 5 staffs along with Canteen Manager will be doing the packing.
  • The whole packing will take 2 working days approximately.


  • The distribution system is unique and will neither be copied or followed from any other store
  • All 5 school days of attendance will earn them the whole package
  • Each day of absence will count as reduction in the amount of food per day.
  • Food will be distributed weekly on every Saturday after school.
  • The teachers will help the staffs to distribute the food efficiently.
  • The extra food remaining after distribution will be kept untouched until further direction.
  • 10 staffs with the teachers will do the whole distribution.


  • Food prices depend on the global market.

  • The number of students will vary from session to session


The average total attendance increased by 8%. Few students who were not coming for the last few weeks got back to school and attending regularly. Parents are now more concerned about their child’s attendance. We assume to get more students back and maintain proper attendance of the school.


From Dhaka Team in the field.
Mr. Scott Williams, Secretary of Emirates Airline Foundation, came to The Dhaka Project for the first time. He was accompanied by Mr. Hanif Zakaria, Country Manager of Bangladesh of Emirates.
They came to see Emirates Airline Foundation College funded by Emirates Foundation.Mr Scott talked with the students and gave them a few tips on how to use Microsoft Word more efficiently. Mr Hanif gained an overview about the current situation of the project and discussed future possibilities from the project.
Their comments were towards the betterment of the project and solving structural problems with greater efficiency. Project Director, Korvi Rakshand, was with them during the tour and stated financial issues that need to be resolved immediately.
The half an hour conversation ended with important promises.


From Dhaka Team in the field.
The Half-Yearly exam of the all the schools under The Dhaka Project will start from 29th November 2008. This is the first exam after the school fully started from August 2008. Due to some problem we couldn’t provide books to all the students so they were provided with photocopies of the chapters done in the class. The parents were a bit worried about what is going on as the administration shuffled the students to put them in appropriate classes. Few students were brought done to junior class because of their inability to grab the syllabus of the newly introduced Cambridge Curriculum.
The teachers also had a hard time to get acquainted with the new books. Now its working fine and all the teachers prepared their question papers to be submitted 7 days before the exam. The teachers were requested to call parents meeting. Along with the class teacher they sat with the parents to talk about what they taught to the kids. Providing them with the exam routine and emphasizing on the importance of the exam. 15 minutes counseling session was held with the parents of each student so that they get full attention and can believe that their child is in the right track. The number of parents increased in successive meetings and ended with 80% attendance of the number of families involved. Now the parents are more aware and promised to look after their kids while studying.
After consecutive successful meetings we are looking forward for the exam and hope that all the students will attend the exam.


Observation TDP
After reading Christiana's blog and communicating with her I thought it might be wise to use my sense organs to observe daily live at TDP.
I didn't go looking around for mistakes or make extra time to observe everything.
I just looked and felt, talked and listened.
Me as a volunteer, I felt I didn't have any authority to check everyone and everything. I wouldn't even feel comfortable doing this.
So the following are just my interpretations and suggestions. By no means

Standard II e
Extra classes
I would start extra classes for those students who are weak. Instead of ECA (extra curriculum activities) I would send those students twice a week to extra classes in Maths and/or English.
I encoutered students in class V who couldn't do simple multiplications and henceforth no divisions.
Students in class III who were struggling with the alfabet or with simple English vocabulary.
Standard III b

Punishment of children
If children behave bad action must be taken. Believe me, these children are not the easiest to handle. They are raised without any limitations like, be careful, behave yourself, that's dangerous...
If they are lazy or not attentive you have to stimulate them.
Maybe they are not attentive because they don't know the matter been thaught.
I put them outside the classroom or separate in class explaining why.
Going from door to door showing they behave bad or put them outside with a paper saying they didn't learn their lesson or put children under the table are no optimum ways of punishing children.
You scare them or ridicule them in this way.
This is my opinion, I have no experience in this or in Bengali culture.

Guided tour
One of the first days I was taken for a tour around the project. The person guiding me was phoning the next visiting place warning we were coming. This created unnatural scenes in the pre school and the medical centre.
For me it created a false scene which anybody could tell it was not real. It is bad advertisement. It shows a lack of confidence.
Honestly I don't why because later when I returned everything always was OK.
Standard IV a

In the beginning when I entered the office headquarters there was always made a remark in Bangla that there was a volunteer. This was rather annoying and again honestly I don't know why.
Laughing and joking during worktime is normal!
I had the impression they were sincerely doing their job. Always ready to help or explain.
If there is no electricity so what, there isn't much you can do about.

The shopkeeper always explained his sales without I had to ask. One day I saw dirty clothes because of dust on the street. I made no remark. Some days later I saw the dust was removed.

Very clean, always.
Standard V

Food for thought coupons
I learned that not every students/parents accept these coupons.
They use all kinds of reason. I learned also that parents demand more and more.
I think it is a good initiative and that parents should respect this.
Maybe a better way or more frequent way of communication with the neighbourhood could create a relationship of trust between the 2 parties.

I didn't work enough together in class with the teachers to judge who is good or bad. I don't even now what the standard is for a good teacher.
From the workshop I have an idea who is motivated and who is less motivated. From the childrens reaction I saw who is cherised and who is feared.
I did spend a lot of time with them and as persons I all value them.
They are willing to listen and to discuss. They take more classes now there is shortage of teachers.
They ask how they can improve themself.
If you want to break the cycle of poverty through education then your teachers are your capital investment and that should be treated this way and they should offcourse work accordingly.
There was a lot of stress about job security and an Eid bonus not received?
Standard VI

Food in nursery and kindergarden.
I accidently bumped in on a officeworker who went to this places for checking lunch. I could come and saw that everything was correct. The food was prepared as on the list and children were eating.
Everything was clean on every occasion I visited.

Adult training centre above the nursery.
I only went twice in the very beginning, just after Eid vacation.
So my view might be biased.
This place left a rather bad impression on me. Altough there were people sincerely working there were also woman sitting there and not hiding their disinterest. Actually they behaved very annoyed and arrogant.

Adult training (English and computer) in EK school
Very motivated people (most of them) who sincerely want to learn English and computer.
I was very pleased to see this.
Those who didn't pass testing were not allowed on computerclass untill next examination, this as motivation.
I also saw longterm absences here. I think follow up should start immediatly after short time of absence. It is a matter of good practise for your organisation.
Students counselling

Lunch for children
In the beginning I had difficulties with the fact that only some children are getting rice as lunch and others have to eat bread and banana as lunch, the same as breakfast.
The children didn't complain but i felt inequality.
Changes will be implemented.

As an English medium school I at least expect English textbooks for the subject English. In standard II there wasn't any available. in general there is shortage of textbooks so a lot af copying as to be done.
Students Counselling

ECA in liveskills (eca extra curriculum activities)
This is just an idea.
Often when I asked someone to answer in class they said they couldn't answer without even trying. Also when I surveyed examination some choose to look at others' papers instead of trying themself.
I told them they were fooling themself not me or the teachers.
That this are vital liveskills for later when they are adult, then you have to solve problems without looking with your neighbour.
I told them you develop these skills as child partly at school but also at home.
Some understood other gazed and most of them carried on.
Actually the last day of my teaching I asked a student to answer. Apparently she didn't even had her book on the table.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! Aiming my eyes to heaven asking God for assistance.
Just to indicate that a change in attitude would be helpful for weaker students.