Monday, November 9, 2009


After assigning ID numbers, yesterday new ID card was provided to all students of TDP School. Each card contains specific information of
that particular student i.e. Photograph, ID number, Name & Blood-group.Students are strictly advised to wear ID card while staying at school and no students will be allowed entering school without the ID card.

The number placed with this ID card will be used for all the official purposes including sponsorship for the students.

TDP School coordinators & respective class teachers distributed those cards among the students and Julie Tartaggia, TDP Volunteer helped them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


At first TDP Family Counselor & TDP School authority had verified and evaluated the real societal statuesque, economical standing and health issues of the children who were asked to contact with their ID card. These cards were provided earlier but due to seat limitation they had to wait. Finally, 37 children are selected to sit for a one hour written test on 7/11/2009 from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.Students attended exam under the supervision of TDPS teachers. After evaluating their written-scripts each examinee faced a brief verbal interview with the Principal & two other senior teachers to bear out their communicative skill. Students, obtaining the necessary requirements will be placed to respective classes according to their merit afterwards. These new students will join their regular class soon after the approaching half yearly exam.Concerned parents were found eagerly waiting outside the school gate while their kids were attending exam.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It happens often that visitors come at TDP suddenly with handful of gifts & donations. Kimberley and Stephen flew to Bangladesh as they are cabin crew of Emirates Airline and visited TDP with some gifts for the kids.However, their brief hang around the project couldn't resist them to have fun with the kids and share a photo session with them.Before leaving they donated BDT 4000/= to the project and promised to bring more gifts next time; they are keen to sponsor some children as well.
TDP always respects these good hearts!!!


Winter is approaching that demands extra care of our body especially the skin. TDP finds it essential to provide our children something to make them comfortable with this dry weather. We offer them body lotion, shampoo and moisturizing cream those came as donation in different times to TDP.Meanwhile, The Dhaka Project has decided to give more children the opportunity to get education and has started procedures to enroll students at TDPS for the coming session. This time we are giving preference to the students who got ID card earlier but due to limited seat capacity could not get admitted. However, TDP is expecting that through this process at least 40 new children will be enrolled after successful completion of admission test. In other sections of TDPS i.e. Day-care & Play-group also some new faces have come out after being verified by TDP Family Counselor & Doctor.TDP is always alive with the presence of numbers of volunteers with us.
Last month we had Engelbert, Nikita, Dulce, Julie & Micheal at the project. They worked in different sectors like education policy, administration, teaching etc. Julie Tartaggia is still working here with organizational infrastructure policy.
TDP has always been supportive to the volunteers with their purpose.