Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bruno Farias & Bruno Nogueira Visits RSF Dhaka Project

From Left Bruno Farias (Brazil) and Bruno Nogueira (Brazil) all Emirates Airline Cabin Crew visited RSF Dhaka Project School on 27th September 2012. They brought Cookies, Crayons & Toilateries for the Children. The Crews spent some time with the children and expressed their satisfaction towards the programs. Thank you for visiting—we are grateful to The Cabin Crews of Emirates Airline.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let's Clean Bangladesh

'Let's Clean Bangladesh' – a regular program of RSF Dhaka Project School was held on 27th September 2012. It is a program to teach the community people to keep the society clean. A Clean environment can provide a healthy community.

50 Students from class Six were prepared with hand-gloves, Baskets and shovels to clean-up School Road under the supervision of Class teachers at 3:15 PM. 

Students collected scattered garbage such as thrown away waste papers, packets and poly bags from the roads. All the garbage were gathered in a place and set on fire. It is a program to engage all the school children in this program to build awareness. A student can teach his/her family and community to keep clean by throwing garbage in to a dust bin.

After the cleansing, RSF Dhaka Project School team requested the community to keep the place clean by using garbage-drums already placed there.

Food bags Distribution

28th September 2012. It was Food Distribution Day at School. Students were lined-up according to their grades as usual. Names were called by Mr. Azad based on the weekly class presence. Food Bags containing Rice, Lentil, Potato, Onions, Garlic & Eggs were distributed among the students of KG-1 to Std-10. Bag full of diet food recommended by TDP Medical Centre reduces the burden of nutrition among the student’s family. Food distribution day is a happy day for the student’s of RSF-Dhaka Project School.

Health Class for Grade-4

Health Class for Grade-4 was held on 27th September 2012 at RSF Dhaka Project School. They were taught about Polio, Measles and whooping cough. The children as well as their parents would be able to recognize the diseases if affected in their family or neighborhood. It was conducted by Dr. Jahid Hossain & Dr Amirul Ialam.