Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Etihad Crew Visits RSF Dhaka School & College

Oliver, Irfazli, Lubna, Rachel and Emilie all Etihad Airways Cabin Crew visited RSF Dhaka School & College at 3:00 PM on 29th November 2011. They brought gifts such as Sweets, Cookies, Lollipops, Drawing books and color-pens for the Children. The Crews distributed the gifts themselves. They expressed their satisfaction towards the programs of the project and donated 3,000 Taka (Three Thousand)for Food for the children of RSF Dhaka School & College. Thank you for visiting—we are grateful to The Cabin Crews of Etihad Airways.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My TV Program documented at RSF Dhaka School & College

22nd Nov. 2011. My TV, a private TV channel in Dhaka, Bangladesh is making a documentary program on RSF Dhaka School & College. ‘Shopno Jattra’ (Journey of Dream) is a popular program of MY TV for school children where this program will be telecast.

The TV crews were busy from the morning documenting all the activities at school. 500 Underprivileged children of more than 250 families study at RSF Dhaka School & College where they are provided with Free Education, Health Care, Breakfast, Weekly Food bag, Toiletries, Uniform, School Bag etc.

Sujon and Sumi’s family were selected to cover student’s daily life. They wakeup early in the morning, study for a while, go to school at 8:15 AM, eat breakfast provided by school, returns home at 4:30 PM, help their mother in household works, play for a while, do the homework, have dinner, go to bed with the dream to become a Doctor.

The struggling scenario of the Underprivileged families touches the hearth of anyone. No matter how difficult life is they try to overcome. Who knows—One day all misery will come to an end---the sun will smile—life will change. We all know that if we try we can Change the World. Let’s all watch the program on My TV (Will try to mention the date & time).

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Food bags Distributed at RSF Dhaka School & College

23rd November. 2011 was the Food Distribution Day at RSF-Dhaka School & College. Students were lined-up according to their grades as usual. The parent’s were present too. Names were called by Mr. Azad based on the weekly class presence. Food Bags containing Rice, Lentil, Potato, Onions, Garlic & Eggs were distributed among the students of KG-1 to Std-9 from 3:30 P.M. Ai Fukuhara was present during the food distribution. Bag full of weekly diet food recommended by School Medical Centre reduces the burden of nutrition among the student’s family. Food distribution day is a happy day for the student’s of RSF-Dhaka School & College.

Feedback from Eva Berger and Katharina Klug

It was a wonderful and funny month with great new experience at the Dhaka Project. As a volunteer the month October (2011) passed by so quickly, at the same time it feels like we have been in Dhaka so much longer. We want to thank everyone who permits us such a beautiful time. Since the first day we had a good feeling and a great promising for our month here. On the first day we were introduced to all the children and also the whole stuff from the Dhaka Project. Everybody come across us with a smiley face and nice words. So we felt comfortable from the beginning. Further there was a really good supply in every case. As a Volunteer at the Dhaka Project you are always in good hands, because there is every time somebody who cared about you.

Actually the offer for the Kids is multiple, for example the Medical Center, the Day Care, also the Food Distribution and all other Events like Movie Night, Hand washing Day,…etc. We recognized a high engagement from the whole stuff and also an affectionate handling with the children. The education at the Dhaka Project School is not alone about school things it also includes personal education like hygiene, nutrition, traditional behaviors and social life, which is commendable for Bangladesh. The Dhaka Project is not alone for the children as for their parents and the whole community really important it helps to change their live for a better way. Project’s like the Dhaka Project are essential to change the world- for a better live.

All in all it was a great time in which we have learned a lot from the people there and we hope we have also done a small contribution to this fabulous Project. In this month we especially worked together with the staff in the Medical Center and in the Play Group and we are really proud that we could be a part of this amazing Project.

We wish you all the best for the future!!! Eva and Katharina.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ai Fukuhara busy at Pre School

Ai Fukuhara is volunteering for RSF Dhaka School & College from 16th November 2011. She will volunteer for a week as she is on vacation from Emirates Airlines. She is from Japan and is teaching how to make shapes of different objects with the use of colour paper at pre school section. Ai Fukuhara is enjoying her day with the kids.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rufus Woodwark Volunteers for RSF Dhaka School & College

Rufus Woodwark is volunteering for RSF Dhaka School & College from 14th November 2011. He will volunteer for at least 2 months and try to extend his visa for a month more if possible. He is from England (UK) and is teaching English for the students at school and also for the pre school section. Rufus is busy teaching the 30 Play Group kids how to pronounce the Alphabets and Words by Audio visual. “C-A-T---Cat.Rufus is one of our old volunteer’s who is eager to contribute more for the underprivileged children of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ai Fukuhara, another Volunteer (Japan) is listening with the kids.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ai Fukuhara Volunteers for RSF Dhaka School & College

Ai Fukuhara (Japan) an Emirates Airline Cabin Crew came to RSF Dhaka School & College on 16th November 2011 to volunteer for a week. She brought donated gifts from Japan donated by Fumiyo Nishimura (KUTSUWA Co. Ltd), Mica Gushiken, Rie Tanaka, Yoshiko Onomura, Mr. &. Mrs. Fukuhara & Ai Fukuhara. The donated items included Various Stationeries such as Sissors, writing books, Pens, Pencils, Color Papers, Story books, dolls and hand bags, A 10.1 megapixel Camera etc. She is very happy to volunteer for the underprivileged children.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

KG-2 Children Visits Dental Section of School

Students of KG-2 visited the Dental Section of RSF Dhaka School & College Health Care. This visit was to introduce with the dentist Dr. Amirul Islam and to familiar themselves with dental equipment.

The younger children are afraid of dental Section and don’t want to visit a dentist. This visit will help make the children to be familiar with dental environment and to reduce fear.

Dr. Amirul Islam also performed some practical demonstration on children. The children seemed to enjoy the experience.

Every One Campaign Program for World Pneumonia Day

EVERY ONE is a worldwide campaign of Save the Children. In Bangladesh Save the Children organizes this campaign in 25 different schools through out the country to raise awareness among the students, teachers & guardians. Save the Children organized a program for World Pneumonia Day under Every One Campaign at RSF Dhaka School & College on 16 November 2011 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. A team from Save the Children (Korea) by Heekyung Kim, Director, Advocacy Department was present along with Taskin Rahman, Campaign Officer, Save the Children (Bangladesh), Arifur Rahman, CSR, Rahimafrooz, Parveen Sultana, Principal, RSF Dhaka School & College. The Children staged a Drama on how to prevent Pneumonia. Every year more than 25,000 children die from Pneumonia. The message is you can prevent Pneumonia very easily. The whole program was video documented.100 Students were present with few Guardians on the rooftop. The whole Program was Video Documented. All the students were given Plastic Hand Fan (Hathpakkha) from Save the Children (Bangladesh) and Pencil by Save the Children (Korea). All the students enjoyed the program and are now aware of how to prevent Pneumonia.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back To School After Eid Vacation

The 8 long days of Eid Vacation is over on12th November 2011. All the kids of RSF Dhaka School & College were present. Every kid enjoyed their Eid Vacation. Eid Ul Ajha is a big Festival in Bangladesh. The kids get the tastes of Sacrificed Helal Animals. All enjoy eating good food like Paes (porridge), fried rice, meat etc. It is a day on which relatives meet to greet with others. But it’s more fun coming Back to School.

Maria OlivaVisits RSF Dhaka School & College

Martin Oliva, an Emirates Airline Cabin Crew visited RSF Dhaka School & College at 2:00 PM on 10th October 2011. She bought Clothes and Toiletry items for the children of RSF Dhaka School & College children. She is a sponsor of a child named Hasan (Play Group). She also bought gifts for him. She is proud to sponsor Hasan. She expressed her satisfaction towards the programs and donated 5,000 Taka. Thank you Maria Oliva for visiting RSF Dhaka School & College—we are always grateful to The Cabin Crews of Emirates Airline.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

School on Eid Vacation

Today (03rd November) was the last day at school before Eid Vacation. Winter is on the way. The children will enjoy 8 long days of Eid vacation but the Office will remain closed for only 3 days (06th -08th November). RSF Dhaka School & College shall open on 12th November 2011. The children will enjoy eating Meat from the Sacrifice of Halal Animals on 7th November. A happy Eid vacation for all the Children of RSF Dhaka School & College.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Result Announcement & Parents Day at School

02nd November 2011, It was Result announcement of Monthly Class Examination and also Parents Day. All the parents were called at RSF Dhaka School & College at 12:30 PM. The parents were informed the results of their children. It is also compulsory for the parents to be present at School during the report card distribution. Parents were advised to take proper care of the weaker students. Some students were cautioned for getting poor grades. Mr. Rashedul Islam, Deputy Project Manager advised all the parents to take proper care especially for the students of Grade 8 & 5, Not to go to village during Eid. He also advised the parents to take proper care of those students who failed in different subjects and who got poor grades in Exam. The Class Final Exam will start from 20 November 2011 and all the parents were advised to take extra care for the students to do better. Parveen Sultana, Principal and Masuka Faria, Family Counselor were present.

New Teeth for Nazma Akter

Nazma Akter, age 10, a student of Grade -3, ID-389 of RSF Dhaka School & College broke her two front teeth by falling on the ground while playing with her friends in August 2009. She visited Dr. Amirul Islam, Dentist of RSF Dhaka School & College HealthCare in but as she was only 8 years old she was kept under observation.

At the end of October she was set two Crown/ Cap on her broken teeth for a better appearance and smile.

We can see the difference of before and after. Nazma Akter is very happy with his new look. Thanks to Dr. Amirul Islam for his hard work.