Friday, August 21, 2009


The Dhaka Project School started its new academic session (2009-10) from 1st August 2009. Among 450 registered students of the previous session from Std-I to Std-VI, 412 students attended the Final Exam; 310 students are promoted to new classes. In every session students are evaluated through four quarter exam, along with a half yearly and the final exam.All 47 students from Nursery & Play-Group section have been promoted to new classes; they are evaluated through the competence & performance in executing different skills i.e. practical skills, reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills, social interaction skills etc. Among 17 registered Day-Care children, 5 have been promoted to next class after close observation by our skilled instructors and Principal of the school. Total 479 students are studying in this session.
From this Session, The Dhaka Project School is going to follow the English version of National Curriculum (NCTB) for STD-I to STD-VII; earlier the school followed EDEXCEL module.

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