Thursday, June 24, 2010

Student gets new teeth

23 June 2010. A Student, Marjia Akter (12) Class-3, Section-B , of The Dhaka Project broke her two Upper anterior insicisor (front teeth). The incident took place about a year ago while she was playing with her mates.
Marjia Akter fell on the ground - teeth first. Later she visited The Dhaka Project Health Care Centre. Dr. Md. Amirul Islam, Dental Surgeon of TDP decided to give her teeth a new Porcelain Crown (Cap) which will look like as it was before.
After the new Porcelain Crown (cap) was placed on her teeth it appears her own teeth grew and took it’s shape.
Marjia Akter is now very happy, she will not have to worry about her teeth anymore. Her parent’s are also happy. New Porcelain Crown (cap) setting is a very costly treatment.
The Dhaka project Dental Section checks all student within six months interval (twice a year).

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