Thursday, July 8, 2010

Volunteers at work in The Dhaka Project School

5th July 2010, 4 Volunteers from Portugal, 1 from Ireland Republic and 1 from Norway are spending busy time at The Dhaka Project School for the last two weeks.
Catarina Rosa is working with the Nursery section teaching the little blooming flowers how to write. She finds it much enjoyable with the nursery kids as they are so cute and polite.
Doctor Aristoteles is helping Doctor Jahid Hossain at the TDP Health Care Centre. A student is showing his leg which is a case of Dog Bite. Aristoteles is also sharing his knowledge of medical science with Jahid Hossain.
Joao is teaching English to the junior students and taking practice classes on work sheets. Students seem to enjoy their classes with great joy. Having a foreign volunteer teacher inspires the students very much.
Oscar is an IT professional and taking oral Computer classes teaching them the basic knowledge of operations. Students are keen to learn more about IT (Information Technology).
Anna (Irish) marking the library books with catalogs. She indeed took a mammoth task pasting all catalogs on the books. It will help the book worms to choose any book very easily form the right corner.
Anne (Norway) is working on how to manage more sponsors for the students. She is helping the Sponsorship Desk and also spending some time in the School Library…helping Anna (Irish) with the catalogs.
Thanks to all the Volunteers for working with great enthusiasm for The Dhaka Project School.

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