Saturday, March 19, 2011

Annual Sports Day at The Dhaka Project

Annual sports day of The Dhaka Project School (TDPS) was held at the play ground of Uttara Kallyan Shamity Field on 16th March 2011. The students were transported from The Dhaka Project School to Uttara Kallyan Shamity Field by two buses.

The Students participated in different events e.i. Frog Jump, Long Jump, 100, 200 & 300 meter race, Skipping, Chocolate race, Thread & Needle race, Sack jump race, Breaking clay pot, balancing a marble on a spoon etc.

After the recitation from The Holly Quran Deputy Project Manager Rashedul Islam and Ms. Parveen Sultana, Principal of TDPS inaugurated the day by hosting the national flag. The national anthem was sung in chorus.

A Wooden Torch (locally known as Moshal) was lit and a student rounded the field…….later it was put on the ground. A colorful display was held by the students wearing Red & Green piece of cloths.

Different events were held simultaneously to match the time management.

Breakfast and lunch were distributed among all.

Dress as you like attracted all specially the little kid Mehdi who dressed as a Boatman (known as Majhi).

Later Mr. Murad Husain, Chief Guest, distributed prizes among the 1st, 2nd and 3rd competitors. Mr. Arifur Rahman Rossie was also present as special guest.

It was a nice sunny day and all the students, teachers and staffs enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

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