Sunday, May 22, 2011

Visitors distributes Litchi Fruits to Kids

From Left Karolyn Zineth (Australia), Meselli Mekonnen (Ethupia), Biljana Kuzmic (Ukarine) and Paige Wilson (Canada), all Emirates Airline Cabin Crew visited The Dhaka Project on 19th May 2011.
They brought Litchi Fruits for the kids. Litchi is a summer fruit with sweet white flesh. You have to peel off and eat the flesh and throw the seed.

The visitors enjoyed playing and talking with Daycare, Play Group & Nursery kids.
Mr. Azad distributed the Litchi’s among the children. All the kids were happy.

The Dhaka Project is always grateful to The Cabin Crews of Emirates Airline.
Thanks to The Cabin Crews of Emirates Airline.

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