Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CZM Supports RSF-Dhaka Project

CZM (Center for Zakat Management) is supporting RSF-Dhaka Project from May 2011 under Gulbagicha program.
Every child has a right to education. Lots of children live in the slums in Dhaka. They have little or no access to basic education. Although primary education has been declared free and compulsory, many parents cannot afford to send their children to schools due to financial and social factors. Being members of very poor families, these children are often involved in different odd jobs to supplement their family income. CZM wants to reach a small segment of these children by providing them with basic education through its Education Program-Gulbagicha.
CZM, in this regard, aims to support RSF-Dhaka Project located at Gawair, Dakkhinkhan where the slum-dwellers lives in tin shaded houses.
The Children of RSF-Dhaka Project gives a Thank You to CZM for the generous support. This support will keep-up the smiling faces of the slum children.

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