Thursday, November 24, 2011

My TV Program documented at RSF Dhaka School & College

22nd Nov. 2011. My TV, a private TV channel in Dhaka, Bangladesh is making a documentary program on RSF Dhaka School & College. ‘Shopno Jattra’ (Journey of Dream) is a popular program of MY TV for school children where this program will be telecast.

The TV crews were busy from the morning documenting all the activities at school. 500 Underprivileged children of more than 250 families study at RSF Dhaka School & College where they are provided with Free Education, Health Care, Breakfast, Weekly Food bag, Toiletries, Uniform, School Bag etc.

Sujon and Sumi’s family were selected to cover student’s daily life. They wakeup early in the morning, study for a while, go to school at 8:15 AM, eat breakfast provided by school, returns home at 4:30 PM, help their mother in household works, play for a while, do the homework, have dinner, go to bed with the dream to become a Doctor.

The struggling scenario of the Underprivileged families touches the hearth of anyone. No matter how difficult life is they try to overcome. Who knows—One day all misery will come to an end---the sun will smile—life will change. We all know that if we try we can Change the World. Let’s all watch the program on My TV (Will try to mention the date & time).

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