Saturday, June 30, 2012

Science Fair-2012

Solar System
 Science Fair -2012 was held on the roof top of The Dhaka Project School today (30th June 2012) from 10 AM to 1 PM Students from Class 2 to 9 especially interested in Science Project participated with 33 different projects.
Produce electricity with lemon

Among the projects Expansion of gases , Acids present in different foods, Make an underwater volcano, Verify The 3rd law of Newton’s, Produce electricity with lemon, Osmosis Experiment,  Air occupy Space, 8. Hand aquarium, How to weight Air, Density Experiment etc. were most interesting. It was for the 3rd time that the students of The Dhaka Project School experienced such a science fair in their own school. All students visited the fair in a queue with their class teacher. Rashedul Islam, Deputy Project Manager, Parveen Sultana, Principal of TDPS and all the teachers including Admin Officio’s were present.

Children busy describing their project to others

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