Friday, August 1, 2008


During the last hours, Maria has run a garage sale, just before preparing the last things to leave and take the results with her to the children. In this morning she sold items worth of 1020 Dirhams... in a wink !

And yesterday has been a very busy day to Maria and Luiz Ogg!

Luiz has been of extreme help once again ! At one minute notice he drove Maria to Katrina's house...
Why? Katrina Dow is a Cabin Crew Member who decided to sponsor a child, Shomola, at The Dhaka Project, and Maria/Luis went there to collect the money... 500 Dirhams!

Then Luiz drove to Gif Village so that Maria could buy some interactive toys to stimulate our children... and doing the shopping they got to the cashier...

...and Maria comments, "He surprised me on cash point paying for all these amazing toys that I am sure will amaze and bow wow the kids since they always received second hand toys not working as they should ... Wanted to pamper the kids but... Luiz did the deed ...they're all loads of toys .. fitting my cabin bag and my hand baggage"

Then Luiz toke Maria to CBC and from her words, "...there are not words to explain the amount of donations dropped there in CBC by Cabin Crew, a mountain is a under statement ... Luiz once again helped me loading his car and drove me back to my place ..we are truly overwhelmed by the generosity of the crew ..." you can guess how impressed she felt.
This task toke more than 3 hours and a half...

... "And more with the willingness of Luiz Ogg to go back forwards in Dubai to help us ...every time he meets me, he truly gets traumatized by the amount of work giving, yet never fails to answer one of my SOS calls ."
And "...I am truly lucky for he is driving me to the airport tomorrow helping me with all the huge amounts of baggage I am taking..." , says Maria.

Really, there are no enough words to express how grateful The Dhaka Project should be to Maria, Cabin Crew Members who have gone beyond the theoretically possible, the team in Dubai who work tirelessly...
And a big THANK YOU to Kristina. She is sponsoring Shomola, a little child who is under our care in the nursery!

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