Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's keeping very warm in Dhaka during all day and night. It has rained sometimes but, incredibly all the lanes we daily use keep allowing us to go on our visits to the nursery and the preschool.
Its fantastic to see these so little kids in the morning and realizing that they already recognize us, and fight for a place in our lap or on us. We offered them racket kits, golf clubs (all plastic made) and many balls. It was funny to see how they felt amused when playing with so simple toys.
We have kept working on identification/file updating, by inserting the each one's photo, now in the new school (EK) with more students and demanding a little more work getting in touch with directors, teachers and students. And we have achieved some good results and soon are expecting to finish the job.

Added to the above, in the afternoons, we have helped the local team members of THE DHAKA PROJECT to develop administration procedures, in my case and now, I'm developing a presentation sheet to basic needs shop where the "FOOD FOR THOUGHT PROGRAMME" is taking place. Soon I will give more details. Cristiana keeps working on supporting in accountability field.
The power outages are a continuous problem and are always forcing us to stop working not allowing more efficiency as well as preventing us from sending daily news from DHAKA.

Pedro and Cristiana, from DHAKA!

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