Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Cristiana Naufel is a new volunteer with The Dhaka Project who is doing a remarkable work of coordination and hard work in her efforts to get items donations taken to Dhaka.She has been massively contacting her cabin crew colleagues among those who are flying to Dhaka to see if they feel on the mood to help. And it was a success with them providing wings to the donations towards The Dhaka Project children!Below is a long list of those who adhered to this campaign to take a few items in their suitcases in the second half of last May:
Abigail Williams, Andrea Naucken, Carla Hanekon, Annette Larsen (Purser), Christopher Scanlan, Christina Smith, Chelsea Hollibone, Dalhee Cho, Frederic Marascotti, Glauber Marangoni, Jasmin Grenhan, Jessica Caray, Kate Nicholson, Kornphaka Peerwattuek (Purser), Leana Griesel, Laila karim (Purser), Lucia Zubekova, Meaza Berhanu, Nina Areerob, Ricardo Leite, Romuald Charayre (Purser), Sabinus D'Almeida, Sathaporn Singthong, Tsoline Ohannessian, Vicki Ho, Larisa Savova and Walailak Treetarnont.
All this crew responded to Cristiana's call, some taking their own donations, others taking donations previously prepared with the perfection seen in the pictures.
Cristiana also distributed the parcels for the crew most of the times. Some of these crew members took items more than once in this period of time.
It's a great venture having a volunteer like Cristiana who has been continuously commited to get the items kindly donated to The Dhaka Project's field.
Our grateful thanks go to all crew members whose names are written above and who said 'YES' to Cristiana on behalf of The Dhaka Project children!
Without their help her goal wouldn't have been achieved !!!

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