Saturday, June 20, 2009


We are really lucky for the kindness of Dubai donors who keep our store provided with all kinds of items to be either converted in funds in our Garage Sales or sent to our children in Dhaka through a chain of solidarity formed by flight crew, who are a great hope to our children at The Dhaka Project.
However we are running low on volunteers to work in our store. It's a very common scenery to find a great deal of donations waiting outside the storage room to be taken inside and put in the shelves or in the boxes,... well, yet it wouldn't be quite possible because all the mezzanine is completely full...
On the other hand the storage room is moving to another yet unknown place but believed and wished to be not very distant from this one; our customers would feel happy about it.
We really need volunteers, and yes, we have Cristiana but she can't do it all alone once she has her full time job.
If you think you can help by giving a hand to keep the store in good shape, please don't think twice; you will be very welcome !
And the last month sales have run as below:
  • 15th May - Cristiana Naufel helped by Maria opened the sale and sold items worth 1,000.00 AED.
  • 22nd May - Sales not run ! Unfortunately there were no volunteers to do the job ! Neither good to us nor to our customers.
  • 29th May - The sale was run by Nurul Islam. The net amount achieved was 1,000.00 AED.
  • 05th June - Both Nurul and Cristiana did the sale having achieved the net amount of 643.00 AED.
  • 12th June - A total sales amount of 639.00 AED this day run by Nurul.
  • 19th June - Cristiana and Nurul got around 1,400.00 AED in this sale. They counted with the help of Umair to put all things that were outside in the store.
Huge thanks to our donors and to Cristiana, Maria, Nurul and Umair, on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !

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