Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Thanks to Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus !
The program was a conscious contribution of Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus as their part of Community Service Projects to the children of The Dhaka Project School. The main aim of the program was to create awareness and explain the ways to take precaution against Swine-Flu & perform a handy Eye-Screening session.Young members of Leo Club demonstrated a presentation on the causes & effects of Swine-Flu. They discussed about the ways to prevent this disease & also gave tips about some general health issues i.e. not to eat low quality candies, food those are expired, etc. They came up with some interesting stories to make the children understand how such things can be harmful. The students listened to them very carefully and it seemed they learned from the presentation. TDP School teachers performed a remarkable sense of duty by encouraging the children.Later on, Leo Club organized an Eye-Screening session for the young-buds of TDP School. Two professional eye specialists from Lions Eye Institute & Hospital maintained thorough check-up of children's eye-sight & prescribed recommendation if needed. Leo Club members executed the event; Mr. Shimul, Senior Operation Officer, Dr. Jahid, Medical In-charge and MS. Faria, TDP Family Counselor facilitated both the event.
Once again thanks a lot to the Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus for thinking and caring about our kids.

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