Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As a regular part of fund raising activity, a "Cloth Sale" was organized by The Dhaka Project on 1st September, '09 at the open field in front of the office building at Gawair.  Clothes of different types & size, for the adults were placed for sale at nominal price.

Before the sale, an announcement held around the Gawair community to inform them about the sale. People of different ages gathered at the sale & bought clothes according to their need.

A total of about 2,000.00 BDT was raised from the sale.

All these clothes were arrived from Dubai carried by the Cabin Crews of Emirates Airlines while their flight to Dhaka. The Dhaka Project is grateful to them. More over, our gratitude goes to all the donors in Dubai who actually fill our storage room with varieties of clothes.

The huge task of maintaining the crowd as well as the Sale was regulated by Mr. Azad, Senior Project Officer, Mr. Shimul, Senior Operation Officer and other office attendants.

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