Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have spent 30 days between December 09 and January 10 as volunteer in the Dhaka project.
I was really impressed with what they have realized.
They provide education for more than 500 students, nursery, medical care and food for all of them. They help families living in the slums. They also build toilette for community without and keep the suburbs clean.
A great job indeed.They have to face many problems, of course, but that's normal. It is not easy to work in a place like that and, my be, the Dhaka project grew up too fast.
When I arrived they were looking for more teachers, in the meantime I tried to be helpful teaching maths and assisting the students in their activities.
As new students apply and are admitted to the school every year, there is a big gap in knowledge between the students that were in the school from the beginning when the Project started and those who joined later. Medium and long term volunteers could be helpful in giving extra classes to those students that need and want help.
I strongly invite volunteers to join The Dhaka Project and give their help.
The Dhaka Project guesthouse is perfect, clean large rooms, hot water, internet, tv, kitchen, close to the school and cheap. It wouldn't be possible to ask more.
I think that The Dhaka Project is very well organized.
All the staff do their job with passion and in a very professional way. Working with them was a great experience for me. I wish to thank all of them.
A special thank to Jewel that helped me, as the other volunteers, a lot.
It would be a pleasure to return one day.
-------Davide Pallicca.

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