Monday, February 1, 2010

A Big Thank You to ‘HELP’

Renowned humanitarian organization of Germany ‘HELP’ donated 5,000 euros to The Dhaka Project in December, 2009. A member of the ‘HELP’organization visited The Dhaka Project in 2008 and found how the underprivileged slum children are nursed with a motherly affection. HELP not only sponsored four children along with a Volunteer Manager to visit Germany in October, 2008 but also decided to contribute to the welfare of the children. The trip to Germany for Student International Festival was a great experience. Students had an interview at Deutsche Welle Radio. They visited Bonn Theatre, Bonn Art Gallery, Botanical Garden of Bonn, Bonn University, Cologne Cathedral (the largest church in Germany), Chocolate Museum and enjoyed a river cruise in Rhine River. All the Children of The Dhaka Project wish a Big Thank hoping ‘HELP’ will never forget them.

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