Monday, February 1, 2010

Walk for Fund Raising in Scotland

Dawn Oconnor, Emirates Airline Crew organized and sponsored a walk in Scotland as a part of Fund Raising for The Dhaka Project. Though she couldn’t take part in the Walk , her mother Elaine with along her sister and friends had a great day supporting the fabulous project. T-Shirts and Banner (photo of Dawn with few children) was provided by Dawn herself. A total of 1,670 GB Pound was raised for The Dhaka Project. Her families, friends and neighbours have been very generous giving money for donations, baby items, clothing, toiletries, books etc. Dawn is also keen to arrange such program in near future.We appreciate the idea of Dawn and thank her for the mammoth task of arranging such a program. As Dawn is so proud to be a part of our project, we are more proud to have a person like her.
Dawn’s true inspiration will help The Dhaka Project to achieve its goal.

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