Thursday, November 25, 2010

Garden for The Dhaka Project School

Karin Tollinger, an Austrian Volunteer visited The Dhaka Project School for the 1st time on 21st November 2010. The activities of the school for 500 slum children delighted her very much. The front side of the school was bare and looked odd. She thought of the beautification of the front side of the school and volunteered for two days to make a garden. Some school children of Grade 8 including staffs of the Dhaka Project helped her. She bought some flower plants from Uttara, Dhaka and also received some donated plants from the Land owner Mr. Lehaj Uddin. A Gardening team consisting of Grade 8 students Al Amin, Tipu Sultan, Rubel & some others will be the caretaker of the Garden. Karin also donated money to make a bamboo fence surrounding the garden so that the plants are kept safe from children and passer-by. Thanks to Karin Tollinger for her beautiful Idea.

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