Monday, November 22, 2010

Primary Education Completion Exam. from 23rd Nov.

Grade 5 Students of The Dhaka Project School are busy for the final revision of Primary Education Completion Exam.2010 which will start from 23rd November. The Exam will be held under Directorate of Primary Education under Ministry of Education, Dhaka. The students will have to seat for Exam at Bonoful Adibasi Greenheart College, Mirpur, Section-13, Dhaka-----An hour and a half journey from The Dhaka Project School. A total of 6 Exams will be held in 6 days which includes Bangla, English, Mathematics, Introduction to Environment (Science), Introduction to Environment (Social) and Religion. Two teachers will act as Guides and a transport will be used to carry the students From The Dhaka Project to the Exam Centre and then back again. This is the 1st Batch of The Dhaka Project School to sit for a Primary Education Completion Exam.
Let’s hope for the best

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