Sunday, February 20, 2011

Demonstration on Hand Washing by Aus. Volunteers

19th February 2011, a demonstration class on Hand Washing was held at The Dhaka Project School at 11:00 AM for Grade 9. Pauline Rolfe & Jim Rolfe, Volunteers from Australia helped Ms Faria (Family Counselor), Dr. Amirul Islam (Dentist) & Dr. Jahid Hossain with the session. Various instruments like flip charts, Diagrams, Soap, Water, Lotion for germ identification etc were used for demonstration. The students were practically shown how to wash hands which can be germ free.

Hand Washing is a regular program of The Dhaka Project School and all the students from KG-1 to Grade-9 will be participants by turn each week.

The moral of this lesson is not only for the student but also to educate their family members to keep neat & clean. Cleanliness helps to reduce the rate of diseases by 30%.

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