Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sabbir’s story on a Food Distribution Day

10th February 2011 was the Weekly Food Distribution Day of The Dhaka Project School. Students were lined-up according to their grades as usual. Names were called by Mr. Azad based on the weekly class presence. Every Thursday is a food distribution day. Double quantity of food was given to the students as they didn’t get food bags last week. Bags containing Rice, Lentil, Potato, Onions, Garlic & Eggs were distributed among the students from 3:30 P.M.
Bag full of weekly diet food recommended by TDP Medical Centre reduces the burden of nutrition among the student’s family. Food distribution day is a happy day for the student’s of The Dhaka Project School.
Sabbir Hossain (ID-817) a student of KG-1 was in the queue. This is for the first time Sabbir will receive a Food bag. Last year he was a Nursery student. The Food distribution program started and Sabbir was the first one to receive.
Sabbir took the food bag, gave it to his mother as it was a bit heavy for him to carry. They came all the way to their Tin made house which they live in with the mercy of the land owner. They don’t have to pay any house rent. It takes less than 5 minutes to go to Sabbir’s house from The Dhaka Project.
Sabbir’s mother emptied the bag near the roofless open kitchen.
“I will make an Omelet of 1 Egg, I will Fry 1 Egg, I will make a curry with 1 Egg---and I will eat the other Egg” Said Sabbir.
Thank you sir and The Dhaka Project.” Said Sabbir’s mother.
All the family members are happy…They will have plenty to eat. Sabbir’s father is a handicap and lives by begging.
For cooking food they use Clay oven commonly known as Chula which is fueled by dry leaves and wood.
They have no electricity, Gas or water. Sabbir has a younger sister. All four members of the family sleep in a bed simply made of wood.
Despite all joy and sorrow the students always enjoy on the food distribution day.

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