Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sanitation Maintenance & Mosquito Spraying Program

RSF Dhaka School & College has 3 community toilets built for proper sanitation program. Among those one is for the local community and Two for RSF Dhaka School & College student’s family who didn’t have access to proper water & sanitation. The community toilet also needs maintenance. As a part of cleaning program the toilets were washed and cleaned and bleaching powder was spread to make them germ free on 20th December 2011. It will help the community to use hygienic sanitation and keep them healthy.

To ensure mosquito free community liquid Mosquito Spray was sprayed through Fogger Machine on the small ditches and around thrown away piled-up garbage on Kazi Bari Road and Mia Box Road on 21st December 2011. Mosquito will not spread such disease as malaria, dengue and others.

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