Sunday, December 18, 2011

Woolen Hats from Simone Minns (UK)

Simone Minns, Sponsor of Sumaiya (promoted to KG-1) sent Woolen Hats for Day Care, Play Group, Nursery & Kindergarten Children. The people who helped Simone Minns with the knitted hats were: Mrs Pye, Mrs Street, Mrs Ruyter, Mrs Keyte, Mrs Collings and Mrs Pollard. Special Thanks to them all.

Maja Ulbrich, Sponsor of 3 Children brought the Woolen Hats to Dhaka. She will be volunteering here for 3 months. It is Winter and the Woolen Hats will give much comfort to the children. Thanks to Simone for her genius idea to present the right thing at the right time. Thanks also to Maja Ulbrich who carried the gifts to Dhaka.

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