Thursday, March 27, 2008


Dear Rahimafrooz

The evening that you had organised for us, to reward outstanding staff members of The Dhaka Project, was
received with so much joy and heartfelt appreciation by us all.

Everyone of my team member present that night, not only was moved emotionally by the unprecedented
recognition ceremony [ this has not happened before on the scale and prestige of your event that night] , but
in their own words and right from their hearts, you heard how grateful they were for being so fortunate in
being a part of The Dhaka Project.

Through hard work and sheer tenacity of spirit and undiminished resolve, The Dhaka Project got to where
it is to-day, a relatively short two and a half years, through a strong backing hand from you personally, as
well as from members of your Organisation.

I can say with absolute certainty, that Rahimafrooz was that special X-factor that made all the difference
between 700 poor and marginalised children remaining that way for life, or, now living out life with hope,
dignity and a purposeful future ahead.

I thank you profoundly Murad and Munawar for your benevolence and human empathy that have made a world
of difference to so many children rescued from the slums and streets of Dhaka.

The accomplishments of The Dhaka Project did not come easy.

There was really hard work put in and , at times, aggressive determination to get the impossible out of
the way. There were moments too that we have, in our earnestness and love for the children, upset your
people; there were times too that we appeared unreasonable but our determined efforts to get things
done had just one goal in mind --- that the 700 kids in our care have access to consistent health care,
education, food, shelter and clothing and that they must never fell insecure because of shortage of
funding or resolute support from benefactors like you and your wonderful team of people at Rahimafrooz.

Thank you Murad and Munawar for being there for us all the way, right from the beginning. I am indebted to
you and ask that you accept my grateful and eternal thanks. It is my hope and dream that someday into the
future, some of the kids at The Dhaka Project could repay your kindness by working for you and a splendid
Company such as Rahimafrooz.

Maria Conceicao
Founder,The Dhaka Project

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