Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Dear Jimmy and Emirates Foundation

From the very beginning when Emirates Foundation started to financially support my efforts in The Dhaka Project, you were instrumental in making sure that the charity work I do for the poor children in Dhaka is never short of money.

There were moments when I feared not having money to feed the children, clothe them, educate them and sustaining their health and their hope for a dignified life. Each time I find myself in such dire situation, you have been there to help me. Money was made available as quickly as you could process it for me, and I can feel your hand behind the scene to not let organisational bureaucracy cause me worry and anxiety.

Recently, you organised two large cheques for The Dhaka Project that were of immense help. With this money, me and my Bangladeshi staff and every child under our care in Dhaka, were assured of no disruption to our day-to-day lives. This helped our peace of mind enormously.

I do realise that in a large organisation like Emirates, administrative procedures can slow down and even delay the release of money to external parties like The Dhaka Project, but you have been looking out for us all this while. For this, I am really grateful to you.

Thank you, Jimmy, for believing in me and in what I do for the underprivileged kids at The Dhaka Project.Thank you for beliving in our team and our hopes and dreams for the dhaka project . I am always grateful and this email message tells you that, busy as I am in my flying job, I do not take things like your precious support for granted.

I value every bit of help you give me each time I needed help. And I cannot thank you enough for going out of your way for me.

Maria Conceicao
Founder, The Dhaka Project.

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