Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm honestly honored to be part of your amazing project. You guys left a really huge mark in my heart and have influenced my every move now that I am back in Dubai. Although the time spent there was short but what i have learnt would last a lifetime.
- I have learnt the 1 Dirham is equal to 18 Takas which can buy 9 bananas for the children.
- I have learnt that nearly 30 dhs can buy a child a uniform.

- I have learnt that 3,000 dhs can build a family a brick home that would shelter them from monsoon season.
- I have learnt not to sweat the small stuff.
- I have learnt not to wine and be grateful for everything I have.
- I have learnt to be more passionate in what I do because some people never get the chance do what they enjoy or like.
- I have learnt to smile more.
- I have learnt to be part of a team and to work together in sync.

- I have learnt that a simple donation can do such a big difference.
- I have learnt that even something simple such as face paint can brighten up a Childs life.
- I have learnt to give and not expect anything in return
- I have learnt to help people forget about their problems even if its for a
- I have learnt to love people I have never met before.
- I have learnt to give attention and praise the children, students, and peoples abilities and give them more self confidence.
- I have learnt how to say thank you and I love you and Bangla (thank you = Dhonobad , I love you = Balobashi).
Thank you for making me a better me :)
Miss you all so much!

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