Sunday, July 5, 2009


On Wednesday the 3rd of May all the teachers nominated the students chosen by the class teacher of each class as the prefects of our school.
Then on 5th we called for a meeting and made them understand their responsibilities.
The 6th of May 2009 happens to be the most memorable day of our school.It was for the first time that we had chosen our "Prefects". First thing in the morning all of us got together with the students and explained to them their duties and responsibilities and made them aware of the fact that each class will be under the supervision of a prefect.Then the prefects were presented with the badges which they wore with great pride and applaud from everybody present over there. Although it was a simple ceremony, it was a significant one being the first step of our school in this area of prefect selection and handing over the duty of managing the school to the students themselves.
The Dhaka Project labours on to create the best of all the environment a school can have, where students feel safe and enjoy learning.

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