Monday, April 27, 2009

Appeal for Volunteers

The Dhaka Project appreciates all the volunteers who contributed a great deal so far. The enormous experience these volunteers’ poses assisted us in many sectors of the project. It’s because of them The Dhaka Project is being able to make people all around the globe aware that children from the slums of Dhaka need their help. The improvisations which our volunteers incorporated from time to time are still proving to be helpful. We appeal people all around the world to come and volunteer for our project to gather and share their thinking and experience to stay beside us in the dream path for breaking the cycle of poverty. One can work throughout their life for self-development but believe us working for these children, no matter if it is for a short period of time, will give heavenly satisfaction and will earn prayer from hundreds of innocent souls together with a priceless experience of dealing and solving such critical problems.

Thank you,

The Dhaka Project Team

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