Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebration of Bengali New Year - 1416 & Demonstration of Co-curricular Activities (CCA)

At last the grand day had arrived. In which almost all the students could exhibit their talent. For the whole of 3rd quarter the students attended their co-curricular activity classes. So it did not take very long to decide what to perform in the “CCA Demonstration.”

Together with this we had to celebrate the “Bengali New Year - 1416’’ or as we address it as “Pohela Baishakh’’ which coincided with our program as it happened to be a holiday on that day. We intended to celebrate together with our co-curricular activity program which happened to be just the next day on 15th of April. Students sang song to say farewell to the previous year and welcomed the “New Year”.

As soon as it was announced that there is going to be held a program covering the two fields everybody got excited and could not decide which to demonstrate and which not to. So the teacher in-charge had to help them choose the item to perform. CCA classes consisted of art, music, drama, recitation, handwriting, dance, computer and story-telling.

Art: Students presented their drawings. Two students from each class paraded in front of the audience holding the chart-paper in which all the students from each class drew. The theme was open and students could choose quite interesting topics which really attracted the attention of each and every individual present over there for the function.

Music: Students sang song in a group. One girl with a really sweet voice sang for us.

Recitation: Students in groups as well as individually recited both in Bengali and English.

Drama: The drama teacher tried to involve most of the students which happened to be an encouragement as well as a chance for our budding artists to give us an idea of how good actors /actresses they can be. The theme was also equally interesting and of educative value for the students.

Story-Telling: Students from the different levels could tell stories in a quiet appealing manner.

Handwriting: Competition was held in each class and the names of the best three students were announced to encourage the others to improve their handwriting.

Dance: One of the students performed a lively dance depicting the Bengali culture and exhibiting a true love for her country and praising all that can be enjoyed in the country of different gifts showered by the Almighty Allah.

IT: A power- point presentation was conducted by two of our students. Showing pictures of students of the different activities in the project.

This was only the first step to demonstrate “Co-curricular Activities.’’ are going to follow many such steps in the future. After every quarter we will be able to enjoy a function like this and anybody willing to join us are most “Welcome.’’ It will be a pleasure for us to show how much our children are learning amidst fun and folic. It is really interesting to see the young skillful people working in a huge group under the leadership of a leader equally new for the purpose. Now there is no doubt that our young learners are being trained to be the future “Leaders” as “Maria-the founder of this project” wanted to mould each child to be a leader of their country. Together with leadership they are also learning how to cooperate with each other while at work. Now let us keep ourselves ready to watch performers perform after the end of the next quarter which will be the final one before the academic session comes to an end. We are expecting new faces to join us and applaud our dear little performers.

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