Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Thanks to the sympathy of The Dhaka Project friends around and in Dubai who feel enthusiastic at helping the most in need, our mezzanine has stored lots of donations to be either sent to the field in Dhaka or to be sold in the store allowing our volunteers to fundraise through Garage Sales.
The Friday Garage Sales along the last month had the following results:
  • 13th, March, Dhs 595,00 - Solange and Nurul
  • 20th, March, Dhs 840,00 - Solange and Nurul
  • 27th, March, Dhs 430,00 - Solange and Nurul
  • 3rd, April, Dhs 146,00 - Solange, Nurul and his friend.
  • 10th, April, Dhs 1549,00 - Nurul and Solange for some time.
Also there have been some expenses, some of them with Nurul's transport, Dhs 200,00 . The final result is an appreciable amount!
During the ohter days of the month and while managing her own life, Solange also took care of all the tidiness in the store, organizing the huge number of donaitons in shelves and wheeled boxes; a great work done by Solange as usual... she hired some help from 5 ladies against a few pieces yielded from the donations and all have transformed a big chaos in a store with the aspect as shown in the pictures. Also some ladies of the Brasilian Team have given a hand sorting the items to the respective boxes.
Our grateful thanks to Nurul's friend and the Brazilian Team ladies who have given some help.
And The Dhaka Project is grateful once again to its rescued slum dweller, Nurul, always present in the sales, and to Solange, the permanent store keeper.
Both keep highly commited with their hard work to help kids improve their future life.
Thanks to all on behalf of The Dhaka Project kids !!!

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