Monday, April 6, 2009


After making a reference to Al Diyafah School, it's the turn to make another heartfelt mention to all individual donors who responded to our appeal and promised their donations to support us with health expenses to rescue Fatema, what hasn't unfortunately been possible spite of all the efforts done.
So, our children address their heartful thanks to all, having the Dhaka team arranged to take the following picture dedicated to all who made their donations, as below...
  • Teresa Brighton - Dubai - Dhs 500
  • Eileen Taylor - Dubai - Dhs 500
  • Rafael Casalino - Dubai - Dhs 500
  • Pedro Barata - Lisbon - Eur 120
  • Humayun Jameel - Dubai - Dhs 500
  • Patrick Bridget - Dubai - Dhs 500
  • Manuel and Solange Piñeiro - Dubai - Dhs 500 and all the workload they had taking the donations from the others
  • Marcelo Peixoto - Dubai - Dhs 500
  • Uschi Irani - Dubai - Dhs 500
  • 2 Anonymous Donors - Abu Dhabi - Dhs 1000
More than a gift, these donors are an encouragement to us, through their kind and touching response in a hard time, and we wish to show our deep gratitude to all on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !!!

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