Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amanda Burgess @ The Dhaka Project

Amanda Burgess, Cabin Crew of Emirate Airlines, from Australia visited The Dhaka Project a few days earlier. She was here for one day but tried her best to contribute as much possible. She brought with her some very useful donations such as FAX machine, Printer, huge amount of beauty products, dresses and much other stuff. She had a brief tour of the project and got introduced with the students and the teachers. She saw a bright future of the project and shown her interest to come back for a longer period.

Once again we would like to request more volunteers to come forward to work for The Dhaka Project for a longer period. The experience which such wonderful volunteers have can help The Dhaka Project a great deal. In the process our team members will be able to get a chance to learn from them as well. We thank Amanda for her time and the things she did and suggested us to do in her trip to The Dhaka Project.

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