Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is a tale about a man from the slum of Korail. He used to be a fish seller in the slum unaware of what is waiting for him in future. He came to Gawair back in 2005 together with his family and the journey began. He got admitted in The Dhaka Project Adult Development program. A man with no previous schooling and knowledge about English learned to do basic mathematics and speak reasonable English by virtue of the program. But it was still hard for him to find a job. Project recruited him for grocery shop and then he was promoted to Office Assistant with a salary of BDT. 4000. He used be very honest and hard working. Maria, Founder of The Dhaka Project, initiated to recruit him in Emirates for his farther betterments. Delicates form Emirates came and interviewed Nurul Islam and they were very impressed by his ability to speak up English. The picture of Nurul Islam tells the remaining part of the story. He didn’t forget The Dhaka Project in the process. Now he works in his weekends to raise fund for the project. We were always proud to have Nurul Islam and thank him for his pay back to the project.

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Rufus woodwark said...

Great stuff Nurul, does anyone have an email address for him?