Thursday, March 5, 2009

Breads and juice for the Children

Some wonderful personal visited The Dhaka Project few days back. They were Tiago Rigeiro, Arey Lergd, Marcello Calleja, Sun Young Lim and Roxanue Wenth. They brought some delicious doughnuts, cookies, breads and juice with them. The children were out of their mind seeing so many yummy things to eat. They took a long tour of the project and gave the children to eat these things. Many cookies and juice are still left for the children to have those later. They were very inspiring for us. We really request everybody to be our volunteer as we can get to learn many things and above all working besides such volunteers’ works as tonic in our stimulation. We always say that only donation from our gorgeous supporters didn’t make The Dhaka Project what it is now and donation alone won’t take The Dhaka Project to its goal. We need moral support and share of experience from the volunteers to make it happen for real.

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