Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last Saturday with the help of our team of enthusiastic volunteers Solange Barros, Nurul Islam, Akash D Loungani, Anirudha Limaye we fundraised 3114 Dirhams that are going to do wonders at The Dhaka Project.
Nurul Islam and Solange Barros, as usual, worked tremendously hard organizing the donations, packing, loading their cars and taking those donations to Safa Park .. Nurul Islam started working at 7 AM to organize the sale...
Nurul even organized a van to pick up the donations from the store in the mezzanine floor and was the only volunteer staying behind until late in the afternoon in Safa Park trying to fundraise...
And the helpful Nurul kept running the sale until 3 PM but has been caught at Safa Park until 6:30 PM. Unfortunately someone failed to pick him up and he couldn't get a taxi. So much sacrifice that made the remaining team feel sorry for him!
Thank you to Nurul, Solange, Akash, Anirudha... for their hard work and for coming forward extending their help in this beautiful and very hot day... All are golden stars who we address our gratitude on behalf of our children at The dhaka Project !!!

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