Sunday, March 22, 2009


The Dhaka Project has recently been involved in the emergency of aiming to save Fatema's life.
And for that purpose the team launched an appeal seeking for help.

Al Diyafah High School responded supportively with a humanitarian spirit for the sake of saving a human life and Mrs Joyce Rufus, Principal, to whom we are extremely grateful, got in touch with us to hand a very helpful donation to one of our volunteers, that covered a very significant portion of the total cost of Fatema's operation. So, their precious donation of 5,000.00 Dirhams have incorporated Fatema's operation expenses covering a great part of it.We wish to express a warm and heartful ''thank you'' to Mrs Joyce Rufus, Principal, and to all students and people involved in this fund raise action at Al Diyafah High School; the students' motivated little hearts concerned with the appaling poverty felt where other children struggle for their day to day survival, had the precious help of their parents, teachers and staff, to whom we express our deep gratitude for their kindness and this noble gesture, on behalf of The Dhaka Project children.
Also a big thanks to Cpt. Manuel Piñeiro and Solange Piñeiro who collected this donation from Al Diyafah School !
Unfortunately Fatema left us soon after the operation as reported in a previous entry. Outstanding, there is all the good will shown by these young fund raisers.
Thank You!

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