Monday, September 1, 2008


A month of stay in the girl’s hostel made Lynda really close to the girls.
She wanted to know these girls and spend her time teaching them.
Though she got sick due to weather conditions in Dhaka but still she continued to give ideas about life. Most of these girls were forced to get married and The Dhaka Project members chased their parents to resolve the problem and make them understand the rules of Bangladesh against the age limit of the girls. Without the girls hostel they would have been in a much difficult condition, being wives at the age of 13... or less. The girls were very worried about their maturity problems where Lynda gave them simple solutions.
The girls found her in the form of a friend, a sister and a mother; making it easier for the girls to share their problems.
The girls are much more relaxed and focussed towards their studies.

Lynda arranged a number of Football matches on the Thursdays where the kids enjoyed playing for their respective schools (The Dhaka Project School & The Emirates Airline Foundation College).
Thanks Lynda for having come and being with us!

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