Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello, I am Tomoo Okubo, a volunteer to The Dhaka Project from Japan.
I would like to share my special experience here in Dhaka for the
supporters and the college students who have interest in developing
economics like me.
I am staying here for two weeks as a volunteer to teach English, Social
Science or General Science to elementary school children.
As I had spent 20 years in Japan, I had rare chance to learn how the
slum was, how the children are in developing countries or how the
schools are. Of course, I did know that I had to something for them, and
I saw a lot of pictures of the school and children smiling to the
camera, but honestly speaking, I thought that those pictures are only a
small part of their life, and the education for children from a slum
must be quite different and difficult.
I really appreciate all the members of The Dhaka Project, (of course
including kids!!) for giving me an opportunity to change my mind.
In this school, every child is really always smiling, curious to talk
with me in English. That's why I really love my days here.
Some one said 'Work Hard, Play hard', but I have never found people
following this quote than the kids here!!
They do not have textbook, what they have is only a small notebook and a
single pen, but still, they try to learn everything from me.
I have one another week to stay, so I am very motivated to teach older
students the basic idea on what is happening in the world, like global
warming, since decades of years later, I believe that they are going to
change the world. For younger kids, I will teach them basic English
conversation for their future and some English songs as well to let them
love English.
The Dhaka Project itself, including education for kids, providing living
condition to families and trainings for men and women are also organized
so well, with the passionate works of the friendly staff here. I have to
especially thank Jewel for always being a help for me as a volunteer
I will try to find out some ways to help this project even after I go
back to Japan, since I think Japanese people can easily help this
project in many ways. If you are thinking about working in a developing
country to have an new and exciting experience, I do recommend you to
fly here, since all the kids are waiting for you with their lovely

Tomoo Okubo

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