Monday, September 22, 2008


The Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, once again, invited many of our students to a Iftar party in the hotel.
The group from The Dhaka Project had 48 students, and were accompanied by two team members, a Principal and the Volunteer Manager, who really enjoyed their best Iftar during this Ramadan, composed by more than 30 items.
The Dhaka Sheraton Hotel every year invites Orphanages and NGO's students to have an Iftar, and Trevor McDonald, the Dhaka Sheraton General Manager, a long time friend and permanent supporter since the project's roots, had the kindness of providing a dream party for these slums kids under our care, having relied the task of the invitation on Synthia, the Assistant General Manager who made sure that TDP got the invitation on time.The students were very well dressed in their uniforms and nicely groomed, having kindly been welcomed by High Officials of The Sheraton Hotel.

There were 5 other organizations invited to this Iftar at the Sheraton in this night and the atmosphere was very friendly, having been covered by journalists from Alo, NTV and ATN who talked with our students on how they felt in such a fabulous Iftar.
And one of them, Bithi Atker, said "Many of my friends couldn’t come today, hope that they will come next time". Even the chief guest of the program, Chief Advisor Biman, came close to our students and talked with them.

A GREAT AND SPECIAL THANK YOU to our discrete Dhaka Downtown friend, TREVOR MCDONALD, who in his usual kindness, once again brought this unique pleasure to our kids along with all his continuous involvement with The Dhaka Project in so many ways. Also a great thank you to Synthia who has so perfectly taken care of all details, to make the kids have one happy and different night, as well as to all who interacted with them!

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