Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Dhaka Project kids keep having the attention and kindness of many people, what is easily checked at our store in Dubai that after being tidy, gets quickly full in a short period of time through the numerous items donations dropped there.
Hard working volunteers tidying our store in Dubai.
And we have been contacted to inform us on a funds donation by Poonam Bhathia from Dubai who kindly deposited 400 Dirhams to assist our children in education, food and medical expenses.
Also many items donators have come forward (some of the them for the 2nd or 3rd time) to deliver innumerable items at our drop-off point. We have been contacted by Andreas Plum to donate used cloths, Laura Arsenie to donate lots of cloths, toys and acessories from her 3 children under the 3 years, Marinda van Niekerk from Emirates International School, to donate books and learning materials and Renjith Krishnan to offer a few items and volunteer work.
Thank you so much to Poonam, Andreas, Laura, Marinda and Renjith for their kindness on behalf or our children at The Dhaka Project, for being worried about poverty in the world and helping us to make the difference!

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