Saturday, September 27, 2008


While the project's life runs in its usual way in Dhaka, the activities of those who are faraway from the children but sharing a great spirit of solidarity around Maria and her feat, have now during this special time of Ramadan been extended to help organizations other than The Dhaka Project.
So, and going back a little to the previous wee, Solange as usually, has been quite busy in the store, selecting, separating and putting the items in the right places on the shelves, the books grouped by themes, the shoes matched and tied together for the great sale on Friday, all this thanks to the precious help other volunteers,... Cláudia, Nadia, Kate, Fernanda Laco and Luana.
Last week, our volunteers took part in the generosity practised during Ramadan, by using part of the generously donated items and delivering them at "Mall of Emirates" where they will be distributed by those who most need them .
Another way during for the big number of items donated during Ramadan is delivering any amount we wish in the Royal Family space, where it is all very well organized and there is plenty of room.
This delivery is done in appropriate bags previously distributed by who be wishing to deliver donations, and being a boost in helping those who have little is at the same time a way to strengthen the inter-relations among those who are in the solidarity ways.

And the funds raised along the last week are as follows:
13 - 235.00 Dirhams - Solange.
14 - 85.00 Dirhams - Solange, Fernanda Laco, Renata and Marcelo Taborda.
16 - 310.00 Dirhams - Solange... by selling a bed and some cloths.
17 - 190.00 Dirhams - while Solange was tidying some new donations.
19 - 2.083,00 Dirhams - Fernanda Laco, Renata Vonkouh, Nadia and Luana.
And on the 14th, Solange once again, now with the help of Fernanda Laco, Renata and Marcelo Taborda and yet thanks to some precious help come from the building staff, packed all what was available for donating in bags and boxes, all this done from 8 in the morning to 4 PM, and all got such a size that they had to get to a truck to get all ready to deliver at the destination... yet while all this work they sold some items (see 14th).

Items to Dhaka - A new volunteer has joined to the team - A First Officer at Emirates Airline of Brazilian nationality has come forward with his good will to take a bag containing cloths to put in his personal baggage and deliver it in Dhaka in his flight on the following day.
His name is Jorge Alonso Pereira, one more name from among the Emirates' pilots to be joined to the list of who heartedly and dedicatedly are with us, involved in helping the needy by carrying donated items from Dubai to Dhaka.In a different scale relatively to what was possible until a few months ago, now it's only possible to the crew members to take one suitcase with them, and for it we are in need of more volunteers, pilots or other crew members, to take small bags in their personal baggage to The Dhaka Project.
But before they take the bags, Solange selects the cloths or other items and takes precautions to be sure they are clean and smelling nicely, so that no bad effects be felt in the personal baggage of those who take it.
And after days of hard work our volunteers (referred above) managed to get the store looking very tidy, ready to store new donations. (below)
Thank you very much to all, on behalf of the kids at The Dhaka Project, for their dedication, that has been far beyond the expected.
Their massive support has been impressing and has contributed to surpass many of the issues found in the sinuous ways of the solidarity.

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