Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Recently, we have received a donation with an interesting story behind it.
It has been given by Sheila Alban and when we wished to know the details about it she told us that it began when her husband and a friend of his were at a wedding and both had an idea; they realised they were needing to loose weight! So whoever would be able to loose the most weight would get paid a bet of 1000 Dirhams each other.
At the appointed date none of them had lost any weight, so both lost, and both gave 1000 Dirhams to The Dhaka Project.
And it was this way that Sheila Alban provided us with these 2000 Dirhams towards the KIDS at The Dhaka Project !
Also she offered goods, and this second donation has a more common history; having moved to a house in Dubai they decided to donate a lot of things accumulated for 12 years in the previous house. And they offered them to The Dhaka Project on behalf of those who have less than them.

And from Dr. Nomy Ahmed, who has spent some time in Dhaka and is a volunteer with us in Dubai, by raising funds or working frequently in garage sales during his spare time, got some time to fund raise again,...  we received 901 Dirhams towards The Dhaka Project .

Thank you so much to Sheila Alban, not forgetting her husband and his friend, and to Dr Nomy Ahmed, for their help, on behalf of the kids under the care of The Dhaka Project !

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