Saturday, September 13, 2008


The Dhaka Project team of volunteers in Dubai are not only keeping but also increasing their activities!
They are a lesson and an inspiration to all of us; some of them have been doing this during years, others during months, but all of them with the same enthusiasm and energy thinking about the kids,... mainly the kids of the project.
So, Solange has been truly amazing and dedicated to The Dhaka Project and comes every day for 7 hours to manage and organize our storage room; she managed also to motivate the volunteers below... When they come to our storage room to tidy up, sometimes some clients show up to buy clothes... and our main garage sale day remains on Fridays.
And these are the volunteers who have been active on fundraising along the week, having achieved the following results :
On 7th Sep - Solange Fortuna, Solange Piñeiro, and Nadia Pereira - 270 Dirhams
On 8th Sep - Solange Piñeiro, Cláudia and Kate - 110 Dirhams
On 9th Sep - Solange Piñeiro - 225 Dirhams
On 11th Sep - Solange Fortuna, Nadia, Fernanda Laço and Solange Piñeiro - 330 Dirhams
On 12th Sep - Maria and Solange Piñeiro runing the Garage Sale - 1905
And what to say about our long time supporters, Sharon and Manuel de Sousa, who fundraised a 3000 Dirhams donation from Duncan, Captain with Emirates Airlines, and Sue Birch.
And here goes our tremendous thank you to all, volunteers and donators, on behalf of the kids under the care of The Dhaka Project.

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